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Looking for your stick? - May 17,1998 by JoseQ
In our past we enjoyed playing Galaga, Pac-Man and other games at the Arcades. Inour present we have been delivered with the opportunity to play those games, with theexact feeling you came to be used to in the Arcades, right? Wrong!
Not everything is the same, and if you are like me, you have at least three gamecontrollers lying across the floor, and one personal favorite. Sometimes, one particulargame deserves one other controller, just to get the right "feel". Look no further thanthis review, to find your stick, the one you've been looking for all this time, the onethat will make you complete, and one with your favorite Emulated Game.
This review revises four joysticks found around the Internet to fulfill your gamingneeds, they have different features, and of course, different price tags. I hope thiswill guide you into our final goal, of perfect arcade feeling.

Although I don't own any of this joysticks, this article may serve as a look atthe features of the joysticks, as described on their pages.


The ArcadePro by Galaxy is the only setup of thefour reviewed that actually works as a PC Game Controller. This one comes with a four foot Joystickcable that connects to the game port on your PC.
Galaxy builds this joystick with eight buttons as you can see on the pic Here.Although this is a weird layout of buttons and sticks if you ask me, they do take customorders, so they will build you an ArcadePro stick to your liking.
The ArcadePro is built with 8 pushbuttons, two four or eight-way joysticks (switchable),and weights approximately 8 lbs. This seems like a good all around setup, since itincludes two sticks for two player fun and accepting custom layouts as well helps ifyou really know what you want.
Built in Tenesse, you can get more info by writing to this E-mail Address.Pricing is not available on the Home Page which indicates that they probably chargedifferent based on the layout suggestions.

V-StickVirtual Arcade

Virtual Arcade offers what seems to be the more affordable of the sticks writtenabout here. The V-Stick, at $79.95 seems pretty reasonable considering Microsoftcharges doble that amount for the Side Winder stick with Force Feedback functionalitywhich to my knowledge is not supported in many games.
Different than the ArcadePro, the V-Stick connects to your computer via theKeyboard port. Of course you can still use your keyboard, as this joysticks functionis to emulate your keyboard, meaning pushing up would be the equivalent of pressingthe "Cursor Up" key, etc. In a Daisy Chain fashion, your keyboard connects to theV-Stick and you keep using your computer as you always have.
This setup comes with eight pushbuttons as you can see Here, but don't be confused, this only meanstwo per joystick. Each pair is duplicated at each side of the stick, for left-handedplay. Similar to the ArcadePro, the V-Stick weights 8 lbs.

The PounderDouglas Prinn

The Pounder, build by Douglas Prinn, is a hand-made setup which comes with a pretty hefty price tag. But waitit has benefits. It is my belief that this joystick makes honor to its name. Made fromdurable metal and wood, so you can pound the living daylights out of your stick whenthe game is not going your way. This comes with a one year warranty and fully tested.
The Pounder comes in two different standard configurations. They are the "Pro" and the"Elite". The "Pro", which you can see Here comes with eight buttons (six playing buttons and two for "1p" and "2p"),the roundball stick. The "Elite" adds four more pushbuttons, you can select the colorsyou want your buttons to be in, and select for the chasis top material from four differentchoices (oak, poplar, pine, or alumimum). The price for the "Pro" and "Elite" are$125 and $160 respectively.
Douglas accepts custom configurations as welland has a pricing sheet on his page where you can select the exact pieces you want onyour setup, and calculate your price.
The Pounders connect to your computer via the Keyboard Port in the same waythe V-stick does. This is a one player only joystick, so two player simultaneousplay is impossible unless you buy another Pounder. Weight is not specified on thepage but it seems to me, to wear this name you have to be one heavy contender.

Ultimate JoystickSteven Krogman

Last but certainly not least is the Ultimate Joystickby Stephen Krogman from TwinGalaxies. Thanks go to Stephen for pointing me into his page and into thisinteresting subject.
The Ultimate Stick looks to be really the Ultimate! Take a look for yourselfHere. This one isdesigned with MAME in mind, produced by hand, one at a time by Stephen andRob Minasian in Florida. For those of you that don't know, Stephen is theGalaga King with a score of 15,999,990 after 9 hours and over 1,250 stages. Isntthat something?
To me it looks like he's the one to know what he would like tobe holding for nine hours of game play like we all wish we could be doing. I'dtake his word for it.
The Ultimate Joysticks price range from $100 to $150 depending on configurationand are built of sturdy aluminum, with a weight of approximately 8 to 10 lbs. Thissetup is comfortable to use as it comes with no sharp edges, or protruding corners.The surface is covered with a rubber overlay to protect the hands. Looks very slick.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you're looking for top of the line playing, in theway the champions like to do it, I'd buy the UltimateJoystick despite the price. If you're looking for a bargain, the V-Stick seemsto be a very good choice to go with. Again I haven't used this joystick, and these opinions are completelyresearch based.

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