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RockNES 1.83 for Linux! - November 04,2002 by JoseQ
An update over at the RockNES website covers the release of RockNES 1.83 for Linux. As you can guess from the version number, it's quite an old version, but it was never available to the public, so if you have a Linux system, it might be worth a try. There's also a new HLP version of the Visine tutorial that you can download from the RockNES website (linked above). Check it out.

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Name: Good Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2002 - (3:30)
Subject: Well
Natatatanka noboru Wanka
shungi riunmeda tateki keda
kakatejiro i am Nakashiro nishimoto
hey world of fans and no fans
we wait for the next up the rest,regarding all emulator and yes the wonderfull,highest sucking level who is the mame
in fact mame team learn to fuck at age of 6 when he got inside a cock from another 6 year children,and inside to inside,mame project born to be inside all mind and be perfect for them
the mainly goal of mame gay team is to pubblicize arcade games companies,and that was made because no final release of their mentally contortet born "Mame"don't must distribuite in final build that run flawlessy and 60 fps! on test on a p 133 mhz
that is the comedy of all,see bleem author he tricks all and stole money and escape from all with the money have made from tricked all,ultrahle is dead when epsilon(the real author) and realityman(the interface graphics designed)have abandoned the project because Epsilon have found another gay from like the cock,and realityman are a single gay with the great ass!
i explain the truth,it was understandable but it is only the true reality! i tell from past,tell from now,telling in future
when you understand take a gun and begin to shoot their ass
mame give the mame final,and get fucked looking for another emu to build
realityman peace with epsilon and lick his cock,then give ultrahle 2
Farfetch and belmont italy vs Usa,make a derby and give the truth of truths ,a good zinc and goodest modeler,and leave Muppet logo you win because your team are
joseq thankz from space,i make you a statue with hundred of videogames,and in mind a thinking for the piss!
for another want to get real true roms for complete databates,go here or
them you can find Dexter pages and a search engine that find all games release

enjoy,and funny

Dexter of nakashiro crew

Nakashiro nishimoto

ottawano na motorinotinoti ro gata!

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Name: subpsycho Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2002 - (11:42)
Subject: I would somwhat agree...
I think that is due to the fact that all old games, like Pacman etc. That werent playable anymore. Because the hardware was long gone, that was when emulation was at its best. Now that most off the games are fairly new and still ariound on playstation or whatever, the big exitement is gone. Because it hasnt been ages since one last played this or that game.... But other than that Im still interrested in seeing things progress...

just my two cents.

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Name: i Posted: Tuesday, November 5, 2002 - (3:13)
Subject: Nes
I have all nes games,others system too
Chrono(sucker and trigger)
i explain that we are at the same time you see internet and pc systems and buy them
we are a crackerz,hackerz,warez,team
we always launch some c64 games at 1983 ,we have founded mastertronic and other companies
we are ungry because we want to see best
and see development of a emulator such as mame or other system ,emulated with first coscience and after a good level of programmation learned
we hate when us see an emu author made a bugs in a emu
mame run all games from 1980 to 94 at 60 fps on a p 133 mhz(the arcade jamma was at 80 mhz)
we know that,and when mame team or other team release a emu,only for claiming it free,the emu was slowest
we know many dev at this time,and many of them really annoying for what mame politic want when their add a driver game to mame
many of them want to not trick all,many of them want to give you mame running at 60 fps,and was the real mame the program inside the jamma was builded when jamma arcade system appear on the face of the heart,and you dreaming and playing with a cubix game on c64 conversion
we want only to take responsability of their action and show us the real program was made when games when the first games appears in arcade-bar
Mame team give us the real thing,and port to another emulators,one be a multisystem emulator that add support for knowing arcade/console/computer
we don't want to insult anything ,we want only to force mame team to give or leave out the scene,and others stole the true jamma programs(the emulator) and give without restriction to all
we want to play all games at 60 fps!!!!!!!!!!
we don't want to see games run slowly,it is a dead for us old players when a game run slowly because the restriction made from a developer want to trick and play again with us
we have armed our nakashiro team to force them or to cause them to leave forever!!!!!!

visit our gatekeeper at5
download all mame game released,and the next beta 62 games to fix your roms archives at our Dexter italian site or if


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Name: Ap Posted: Wednesday, November 6, 2002 - (8:49)
Subject: Re: Nes
so your a crackers, warez, hacker team who wants to force MAME TEAM to give you even more? They have already given you everything that you are bitching about. if your crew is elite as you represent, then why dont you simpily code your own 80mhz 60fps arcade emu.

nihongowa sukoshi hanasi-masu???

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Name: Chrono Posted: Monday, November 4, 2002 - (22:34)
i feel that the emulation scene was flooded with lamers and made many authors ask themselves who they are working so hard for. also great new systems an games help to slow this scene down.. Although there will always be us who love the classic's and those who love to improve the experience, with things like newer rendering and whatever else people imvent. I will always be involved in emulation one way or another,

Sure the emulation scene may have slowed down\
But the know hows still feem old games they loaned out\

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Name: PortuguesePilot Posted: Monday, November 4, 2002 - (22:00)
it's cool to still se cross-porting of emulators through OSes, but i can't stop feeling that the golden ages of emulation have already passed...
what do you guys feel about that?

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