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The Rumor Mill - December 03,1998 by JoseQ
Welcome to the first edition of the EmuViews Rumor Mill.This will hopefully be a regular feature at EmuViews, giventhat since not a lot of exciting things are happening aroundthe emulation scene, rumors are bound to be generated. Ifyou think you have heard a real rumor, then just speak upand let me knowand I will try my best to investigate. Otherwise, even ifit's just that, a simple rumor, it's always fun to speculateand make you think.
First on the list, is a rumor that sparkled a few weeksback. This rumor was started by a person on IRC who issupposedly a close friend of Sardu. With a single phrasehe made a couple of sites speculate on wether this couldbe possible and of course, it sounds amazing. The phrasewas "On December 12, you will worship your Emu God onceagain". Being a close friend of Sardu and from previoussentences hinted, we were led to believe that Sardu is working on a N64 emulator. Sardu has been proven to writesome amazing pieces of software, (ie. Callus, Nesticle andGenecyst). So could it be possible that the reason Callushas remained untouched since June 25 is that he has beensecretly working on this kind of project? His anonymitymight very well be enough for him to get away with it withno lawsuit following. Well, that's just 10 days away, sowe can just wait and see.
Another phrase, and in this case, an acronym, thatstarted much speculation is T.A.B. This is the name thefusion of the cells that produced PSEmu Pro and Psyke.These two great teams recently merged in what will probablyshow that the strenght is in the union. The undefinedacronym however, triggered many attempts as to decipher whatit means. Just after I announced it, I received a notesaying that it meant "Together Against Bleem". The sameappeared in my Message board. It does seem possible giventhat the two emulators are in direct competition. Competition is a healthy thing, so it is bound to triggersomething great out of it. Unfortunately in this case, wewill never know what it means, as the authors have mentionedthat it doesn't mean a thing at all.
What has been flying around rumorland, since it stillcauses a lot of speculation is the reality of bleem. Stillin Phase 4 of Beta Testing after 6 weeks of its delayedrelease date. You might want to check my EV Board fornon-stop bleem discussion. It seems that my board has beenbleemed too.
On Emulator releases. Here are some rumors to play with.Raine within a week, Retrocade before the end of the year.We should also see a System16 pretty soon along with thenon-beta PSEmu release. Come christmas, we should have somemore fun times. That's it for now with rumors, but I'llprobably come back with a new bag pretty soon. Thanksfor reading this long thing!

One Article Up: Z26 1.21!
One Article Down: New PSEmu Pro Beta!

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