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Retrocade 1.1 is out! - December 05,1998 by JoseQ
The new version of Retrocade has been released! Go getit at our Emulators Page right now. The ROMs willbe appearing Here. This version addssupport for Galaga, Dig Dug, Bosconian, Power Drive, Max RPM, and Missile Command! Here's the rest of the thingsyou can expect in this new version right from thechanges.txt file:

  • Bosconian, Dig Dug, Power Drive, Max RPM, Missile Command and Galaga added!
  • Fixed num/scroll/shift lock problem affecting system keys
  • Second player controls in Tapper/Root Beer Tapper fixed
  • Record game abilities added! (see accompanying documentation)
  • -romdir Does multiple ROM pathnames now! Just use the ';' separator
  • Added horizontal vertical sizing/positioning for vector games - OSD option
  • Added time/date/size stamping to defctrls.ini so it's only parsed when itchanges. Makes for a faster startup time.
  • Game= startup time increased because we now date/time/sizestamp the ZIPfiles and assume they're all good if they match.
  • Added arcade history information to UI (This is really cool - check it out!)
  • Added scanline, vsync, tweak, etc... as options in the UI
  • Added game and global Retrocade options into the UI
  • Snow Brothers now has sound!
  • Sundance player 2 support added and defctrls.ini fixed
  • Nova and Hyperspace controls added to Solar Quest
  • War Of The Worlds key name mapping fixed ("shields" instead of "forward")
  • Corrected brightness in all monochrome vector games so that the differencesin intensities are more pronounced.
  • All Cinematronics games have dip switch settings
  • Cabinet mode added (see cabinet.ini file and accompanying documentation!)
  • Modified -romlist command so that UI doesn't come up when invoked
  • Barrels rotate properly in Donkey Kong (bug in mz80)
  • Time drift problem in Discs Of Tron fixed
  • Fixed multiple command line option problem
  • Enabled more video modes and removed tweaked modes if -tweak was provided
  • -tweak, -modex, and -splash now sticky
  • GameLog and VidLog resilient to files not being able to be created
  • Added scanline modes for 224x288, 256x256, and 288x224!
  • Monochrome debugging card routines removed so as to not screw up people'smachines.
  • Minor fix to Burgertime WRT service mode crashing
  • Copyright screen comes up in 320x200 mode now, in addition to being a lotcleaner on startup
  • Defender CMOS RAM save area fixed so you don't have to reset it each time
  • Fixed a bug that kept 320x200 mode from coming up at all
  • If less than 4 video modes available, an error is now displayed rather thangiving a blank screen or locking up the machine.
  • Code will now drop back to non-backdrop mode if 16bpp mode isn't available(for vector games)
  • Fixed Frogger's waterline to be equal to the real thing
  • Rejects a sampling rate of > 22050khz when a DSP prior to 4.x is found(sound card silence problem)
  • Fixed OSD and FPS not being restored properly between games or going inand out of the UI.
  • Pacman (and variants) sound fixed
  • Food Fight controls work much better now
  • Added -nosw command line option to prevent the sidewinder from being lookedat or probed for
  • Moon Cresta increased in speed by 10%
  • Retrocade executable now 681K thanks to UPX!
    It's time to play once again. Enjoy!

    One Article Up: New Snes9X 1.15
    One Article Down: Retrocade out within a day!

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