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The Week In ReView - December 07,1998 by JoseQ
Well, unbelievable or not, I found myself nothing to do, so I decidedto bring back the good old Week In Review. This long lost feature hadn'tbeen written since before the last shut down, back in August. Let's see ifI can keep it up every monday as originally planned. So here's theIndex of Articlesfrom the past 7 days. And I'll just run down from last Sunday runninguntil yesterday.
Last sunday was one of the biggest days for this site in therecent past, judging from the amount of hits to the site. However, judgingby the size of the index of news since then, we can safely say thatemulation has gotten somewhat less exciting than when I first startedthis site. By then there were a lot more than a handful of emulators, andwe would all eagerly await our favorite games come into life in differentemulators. Well now... it's basically just the big names. So we got MAME b8last week, which unfortunately didn't include any BIG titles like it used to.I sort of missed that release because I was having problems with my PCat home, so I didn't enjoy the rush for the ROMs and the great times closeto the release. I will be there for the next one, which should be RC1and probably includes Pole Position and ESB in a more playable state.
Next in line was vMAME with a very quick release just hours afterthe MAME release. vMAME is basically a re-compiled version of MAMEbut with some optimizations as well as some different video modes. Thesevideo modes can save up to 50% on graphic routine times thus improvinggame speeds noticeably. I've tried it and noticed quite good speeds inslower games like Paperboy, etc.
Then a New Retro Radiocame out. In this show, Shane Monroe explained from his point of Viewwhat happened to Dave's Classics in the recent shakedown with theIDSA. A good 22 minutes that you should listen to.
I wrote a little something on Wednesday for my ReViewers sincethey have been hard at work on the ReViews.Posting over 50 ReViews already, I just thought they should get a mainpage article. The ReViews are quite good, and it's quite nice to readabout them even if you've played the games intensively. Some peoplejust like to read to see what other people think about it. Give it a try.
The Raine Page was updated with news about the addition of Two new Gameswere added to this great emulator. I think it should be noticed thatRAINE is the emulator with the biggest amount of games emulatedthat are not found anywhere else. It's a very nice collection if youask me.
PSEmu released a new betalast week. This included a couple of new features, like more completegraphics routines. If you're a PSX fan, this is the emu to go with, sincethey've just merged with the Psyke team to form TAB. A new teamwhich should bring the best of both worlds.
Then I decided to add a new regular feature to EmuViews. Thisis called The Rumor Mill.This has no timely schedule or anything, but it will feature Rumors heardaround the net every once in a while. In it, you can read about SardusN64 emu rumors among other things.
Then we had two releases in two days. The first one, an updateto Z26which is a very up-to-date Atari 2600 emulator. John Saeger keepsudpating this emulator very frequently. The other one was a very eagerlyawaited Retrocade Release.This emulator also offers some games that aren't playable in MAME likeArch Rivals and Power Drive. You should take a look at it just forthose games which I've liked since I saw them.
Next up was an Snes9Xrelease for DOS which added a couple of nice to have things, and thebig news in it was support for the Tales of Phantasia. This was followedby the news of many Namco System 1 emus in the works, includinga driver for MAME. This will support Pacmania as well as Galaga 88.These two games have been highly requested and are a lot of fun as well.Everyone is looking forward to them including me.
Well, that's all for now. Let's hope this week gets a little moreexciting now. Hopefully we'll see a new Raine which is good and badcause the new ROMs are HUGE. I'll see how we get around distributingthem. So long for now and thanks for reading!

One Article Up: Rolling Thunder coming to MAME!
One Article Down: PacMania is coming!

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