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What's Happening? - December 09,1998 by JoseQ
By now you must have been wondering where are theusual updates to the page. Well, I've been wondering whereare the usual news I need to update the page. Sadly, nota lot has been happening, and it appears that christmashas in many ways something to do with it. For some, it maybe the time to study hard for the finals, thus slowingdevelopment time to a crawl. Others may be very busy doingchristmas shopping, or meeting end of the year deadlinesat their regular works. But there's another good reason.
It appears some developers have chose Christmas as thetarget release date for their emulators. Some people haveopenly admitted that they want to release their emulator"before christmas" or "before the end of the year". Someothers have notified me that's the desired date, butnothing to be published. However, there's a long list ofemulators due to be out anyday now.
If we think about it, M72 announced the addition ofmany games some time ago, so that should be nearing completion. Same with System16 which offered a private betaabout two weeks ago. Those two are definitely something tolook forward to find under the christmas tree.
Raine is another emulator which should be out anytime.It was due for a release many weeks ago, but they havedecided to postpone it to keep working on it. This isanother very good candidate for close to Christmas time.
How about ZSnes and SNEmul. We know those projectsare not dead. I am bound to think they should be workingsomething out to beat Santa this time of the year. SNESemulation is always welcomed, specially with games likeMario RPG and Super Mario Kart recently becoming playable.
PSEmu + Psyke = TAB. These guys have been also workingtogether what will probably be the most amazing PSX emulation project to date. This is something everyone islooking forward even if they don't own a PSX machine. Willchristmas time deliver a virtual PSX on your machine bythe end of the month?
Finally but certainly not least, MAME is very close toRelease Candidate 1, not to mention the actual release.Will Empire Strikes Back, or Pole Position make it beforethe end of the year? How about the Namco System 1 or thefast action filled Rolling Thunder. There's still definiteanticipation to those games, and every release, we tend tothink there's nothing exciting left to be emulated.
I will keep an eye for big news to be posted here. Inthe meantime, I'm working behind the scenes here doing stufffor the page. You know I rarely mention those things on thesearticles, but so that you know, the RAINE ROMs are backonline, and I added the whole Retrocade set as well. MoreMAME Mirrors will be appearing within a day or two as well.Keep an eye on EV to give you everything you need. Requests?Tell me what youneed. Thanks for reading!

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