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Week In ReView - December 14,1998 by JoseQ
It seems weeks always have a pretty good ending don't you think? What do you think will happen on Christmas week? I betthat's one weekend we will never forget. But for now, let'sjust look at what happened this past week to recap on acouple of things. Here's the Index to the Week of December 6. Let's go through it from the start...
We started off with the good news about Rolling Thunder coming to MAME. Although a Rolling Thunder Emulatorwas released by Jimmy Hamm a little over two months ago,MAME has decided to add this game into its playing list, with help from Jimmy Hamm himself.It is clear we won't see this game until the first betasof MAME .35, but this game sure is fun. It has been saidalso that we should expect even some speed improvementsover the stand alone emulator! Something to look forwardfor the coming year.
A newer, beta version of DTmnt was released with support for scanlines. Dave, the authorof this Emu, has been also working on support TMNT 2,and I believe we should be seeing that coming pretty soon.The Simpsons arcade game, although released by the sametime, contains some customs chips that will probably delayits emulation for some time.
Then we went into some quiet days with only one updateper day. This was basically due to many things, but primarily since this is the season of Joy, it is also theseason with many parties and activities which probablynot only affected me, but also the emulator authors. Somepeople also need to face end-of-year deadlines, thus causingdelays in their Emu-related works. Everything is pretty muchback to normal on my side until my trip to Puerto Rico in10 days.
On Thursday, I had a quick chat with Tratax of PSEmu Pro and came abouta few Interesting bitsabout their releases. You might want to just go there andread about their plans for TAB and PSEmu. Later that day,John Saeger made a Z26 release.
Zan, has been helping people getting their MAMEcompiled, etc, decided to just have a page. He createdEmul8and I dedicated an article about itexplaining what info you can find there. Pretty good stuff.
Emulation Camp, long time emulation site, made a new ROM available for theSega Master System emulators out there. The game released was Dick Tracy andit should be playable with ZSms and other SMS emulatorsavailable. This one should be fun, although I haven't had the chance to play it, I do remember reading positive reviews about it when it came out.
In some very interesting news, SMYGB added support for Color Gameboy. Although not released yet, it wasannounced on the SMYGB Page. This is a freeware Gameboy emulator, so you might want to keepyour eyes close to this one as it nears release. Maybe X-mas with it?
Another console got a good emulator release. HU6280 released a beta version on Friday with preliminary support forCD-ROM images. It also offers faster as well as moreaccurate graphics emulation. Fans of TG16 / PCE rejoice!
The MESS Pagegot updated with News about theirlatest accomplishments including PC Emulation! Alsonote Atari 7800 support will be included in the nextrelease wish should come "in the not too distant future".X-mas maybe? Just a guess.
Early Sunday we had a nice MAMErelease. Although only two new games are supported,it also means that the final release for .34 nears completion. This release added High Score support for plentyof games, so that dept. hasn't been forgotten.
News-U-Latoralso got a featured article here since they have beenhard at work getting people interviewed and posting newson their site. This site is pretty much new to me, sinceI hadn't heard about it until just recently. A mustvisit for everyone interested in news and interviews.
To end the day, The Raine Page was updated with news about two more supported games. Mario Silva assures us that this releasewill be very well worth the wait. And I second that. Withaddition of many games, it will sure make your day. Willit be your Christmas day? We'll see!

One Article Up: Tratax interviewed!
One Article Down: Raine News

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