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EV Rumor Mill - December 16,1998 by JoseQ
Well... Wednesdays usually turn out to be one of the most boringdays of the week, so I'll make the EV Rumor Mill, a weekly featurehappening on Wednesdays. Remember to look for it every Wednesdayfrom now on, for you will find here the dirtiest and most unprobablyrumors around the Emulation World here, courtesy of the Q. So let'sstart with some un-rumorizing first.
Remember the Nintendo 64 emu coming out from Sardu, so muchpublicized by BennyHil... Well it's 4 days after its supposed release date,so we can pretty much discard it. The theory that I heard that makesmuch more sense, is that Sardu has completely retired from codingemulators. He has gotten a job at a game programming company, andthey know who he is. He is bound to his contract, and can notproduce any more Emulators. So I guess that means we can forget aboutSardu breaking CPS2, or an update to Callus.
Another rumor was started about another Nintendo 64 emulator.Total 64, which to me is totally fake. I don't know if this makes senseto you, but when you emulate a digital system, like the Nintendo 64, itis impossible to come up with those fuzzy signals you may get on yourTV when receiving through an Antenna, not even by mistake would aN64 emulator produce that. Discard any idea that this emulator playsMario 64; it doesn't even exist. For N64 emulation, keep your eye onNemu64 and NSFE / True Reality.These guys are getting close to getting somewhere with N64 emulation.
Another incredible rumor was started yesterday by Zophar's Domainin which he presents us with DeCent. This is undoubtly the first attemptat Dreamcast Emulation. It should be easy to think that since Dreamcastruns on Windows CE, it should be fairly easy to emulate, and this is verytrue considering that a large portion of the code (possibly including thatdemo) are written with Windows CE in mind. However, that doesn't meanprogrammers are bound to CE and will not ever get around the OS todirectly access the hardware, that's where the problems may arise forcoding such an emulator. There is also the question of how will the gamesbe played if Dreamcast uses it's own proprietary Compact Discs. I prettymuch believe these could only be read with Dreamcast drives, so thatposes another problem if you want to use this Emulator for gaming. At anyrate, Zophar and other sources have confirmed this emulator to be real,and that a very known author is behind it, although he remains to stayanonymous.
That's the Rumor Mill for now. Remember to stay tuned next Wednesdayfor an update on Rumors around the Emulation World. If you find any rumoryou would like to have posted here, just send it this wayand I'll examine it closely. If you're planning on releasing a fake Emulator,please think twice. Happy Holidays!

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