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Week In ReView - December 21,1998 by JoseQ
Lots of things happening at EmuViews this past week,although mostly remodeling of the site. And actually weonly had one emulator release covered in EmuViews, buta lot of Raine News. Here's this week's Index. Itis indeed a bit longer than the past one but unfortunatelythat doesn't mean a lot of thing has happened. Fortunately,however, it may mean that this week we should get a wholelot of stuff! Let's recap on last week and then preparefor this one!
The first news item we had after last Week In ReViewwas the Interview with Tratax by News-U-Lator. In it there is some informationabout the future of PSEmu Pro as well as Tratax takes onthe current world of Emulation in general. Worth a readif you missed it.
Next posting was a miscelaneous EV News containinginformation about the Interview with the IDSA by Elite Gamer as wellas breaking the news on the Rolling Thunder driver comingto MAME pretty soon. Some other news about Nemu64 andSMYGB are found in that article.
Thanks to ClubsideI was able to get mirrors for the Raine ROMs and they havebeen available for a while now. You should all have theRaine ROMs ready by now. In that article I also mentionedthe new EmuViews server which will be in place next Tuesday.In fact I'm writing from it right now, I just need to getsome software on it, and let it roll. That will add plentyof download slots for the new Releases coming soon. Whoknows, maybe I put Neo Geo back online.
Then, the only release of the week occured thanks toMarat Fayzullin. fMSX was released to the public.
I decided that every Wednesday would be a good day topublish the EV Rumor Milland make it a regular feature at EmuViews. I also askedfor rumors to be sent to me if they seemed real, however, I haven't receiveda lot of them. I'll find some for next Wednesday, justhang on.
Thanks to another sponsor, The Digital Arcade, I got More MAME Linksto distribute ALL games I have available, including MortalKombat I & II, NBA Jam and others. Enjoy!
A New Retro Radiowas released by Shane Monroe in which he talks about allthe recent happenings with the IDSA. Shane has always hada real good point of view on this subject, so this isdefinitely worth a listen. Just hook it up while you browse.
After months of no news, The System16 DX Pagewas updated with news about it's status. Bartman mentions that he will be working on the Windows port andit will probably be released early Next Year, and that itmay even be version 0.81 by then. Good thing for thoseWindows NT players who are waiting to really 'Feel the Breeze'while playing Out Run from version 0.80.
Some Retrocade Newscame out involving new games for the next version of thisgreat Emulator. They will be Mario Bros. and some ofthe Atari System 1 games like Gauntlet, Marble Madness,Toobin and others. Definitely worth looking forward too.Hopefully we may see this close to the end of the yearas well, but that's just me crossing my fingers. I thinkit will be much further down the line.
I finally got the chance to do some re-modeling of thesite and re-wrote the ROM Scriptswhich is why there is a "ROMs Lite" link on the Sidebar.Try it and you should get a lot more speedy results thanyou used it. It will probably fade the usual ROM pageaway.
Mario Silva from the Raine Team, finally gave us permission to do a Pre-Release of the ROMs so that you can start stocking up prior to releaseand dont wind up getting "Server Full" errors when it finally happens. I will have the new server up when thathappens so the ROMs will probably be available to everyone,but you better get them now, to have everything ready tojust plugin the Emu when it comes out.
That was it for this week, and hopefully this next weekwill be a lot more exciting. Cross your fingers, knock onwood, that we will probably get MAME 0.34 this week alongwith some other goodies. Let's just wait and see. Thanksfor reading!

One Article Up: MAME .34 RC2!!
One Article Down: EV News

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