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NLKE Released! - December 23,1998 by JoseQ
After months of hard work, a new version of NLKE has been released! This is the combined efforts from what oncewere the NLKSnes and ESnes Emulators, now converted intoNLKE. You can download it from our Emulators Page as of now. This version includes a lot of improvements and fixes from the previous version; zip support and Tales of Phanstasia support to name a few. However, here's the complete list snatched from the NLKE page:

  • Some errors in the tile-to-tile mode have been fixed, and also the compatibility has been increased by rewriting some parts of the code.
  • Audio code has been rewritten for a better legibility while some errors were fixed, resulting in a better sound in some games.
  • Solved a problem with mode 0, it was drawing only the first line of each tile in BG3.
  • Fixed a little problem with the I flag (king of the monsters).
  • Changed mode 21 mapping slightly, this should allow bs-zelda starting.
  • Solved a problem with mode 21, it was being allocated more memory than neccesary (in fact, the double).
  • Register $2115 now it's being initialized to 0x80 (15puzzle).
  • Now HDMA doesn't allow a channel that has been activated during an vblank to be activated again before next (demo 2.68 Mhz).
  • Solved a problem while bank switching in transfers over register $2180 (dq5, captain tsubasa...).
  • Fixed an error in SRAM memory protecting when actually there is not SRAM present (bruce lee).
  • Correctly implemented RAM/ROM zone in spc memory (super punchout, grandhistoria, sponi).
  • Interrupts were being executed 1 line after than they should (energy breaker).
  • Improved the autodetection of the memory mode checking the checksum and the reset vector (brunswick bowling).
  • Solved a problem with the reading of VRAM through DMA (dkc3).
  • Implemented the NMI in emulation mode (demo profight).
  • Fixed an error in the TXS operation in emulation mode.
  • Corrected the autodetection of DSP1.
  • Partially implemented DSP1 emulation (thanks to zsnes authors).
  • Included support for 32 Mbit ROMs in mode 20 (tokimeki memorial, jikkyo pro wrestling 96 - max volt).
  • Included a database with the memory mode for some ROMs that are conflictive due to corrupted headers.
  • Included the parameters -M20 and -M21, used to force mode 20 or mode 21.
  • Included the parameter -I, used to force interleaving.
  • Solved some problems with mode 7 ext (f1 grand prix).
  • Included the IRQ in emulation mode (demo c64e).
  • Fixed a problem that was causing loop overflow and locking in some games (topgear2, kawasaki).
  • Compiling done with SEAL 1.05, now includes compatibility with the ensoniq PCI soundcards.
  • Included native support for .zip files (thanks to the authors of the related routines included in the mame source :-)
  • Included support for .ips patches, for using it is needed the param -ips.
  • Included support for mode 25 (tales of phantasia and seiken3 - thanks to the authors of zsnes). Included the parameter -M25.
  • Included support for multiple paths in the .cfg file.
  • Solved a problem that was causing the mouse not to work sometimes while the GUI was running.
  • Now it's allowed to specify files as drive:file, before it was causing problems with multifiles.Included a gray degradation of the output image while the GUI is active.
  • Included the option -envx, it's needed in some ROMs.
  • Found and fixed a lot of bugs in the 65816, the SPC700, DSP, PPU, HDMA... too numerous to be mentioned here (yes, we've done it again :-))))

    Enjoy this new release! Didn't I tell you that come Christmas time, we would see a lot of releases? I bet they'll keep coming! Happy Holidays!

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    One Article Down: Color Dreams agrees with Emulation!

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