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Week in ReView - January 11,1999 by JoseQ
Well, it's time to get back to work and start posting the regularfeatures of EmuViews again. Time has come for a new Week in ReViewwhich had been off since I went on vacation last year. This morningI'll write to you about what happened in the last week, and here's theList of Articles for the past week.Last week was certainly pretty good overall for the Emulation Scenewith a couple of interesting releases including the much awaited bleem,and MAME 0.35b1. So let's get on with the Week In ReView.
We started the week nicely with the Releaseof HU6280 v1.85 beta. This is probably the most popular PC Engine/Turbografx 16emulator out there, and also probably the most advanced one. This versionadded PC Engine mouse support among other fixes. This emulator shouldget PC Engine CD-ROM game support pretty soon as it does alreadyin a preliminary way with some games.
The next day we had the MAME32 0.34 final releasewhich put the windows version up to par with the current (at the time)DOS version. This version was much awaited and came out surprisinglyclose to the DOS release. I will be testing this game under Windows NTpretty soon and give comparative results on MAME from DOS to Win98 to Windows NTand see if there are performance differences while playing games usingthe same parameters.
Then I decided to post a bit aboutThe Digital Arcade. The Digital Arcade isone of our sponsors who has lent us space to host MAME ROMs and isalso an Emulation News site which houses all the MAME ROMs you maywant. Most people know that it has been a little harder to find siteswith ROMs these days, and this is a good resource for all of them.
Then we received the news that Raine had added two more gamesto the playable games list with the addition of Camel Try and Cybattler.This continues to extend the list of new games that will be playable onthe next Raine which should have the biggest release yet in a few dayshopefully. This release has been greatly awaited for a long time alreadyand as it draws closer and closer we keep hearing about more gamesbeing added. It will be a tremendous release for sure, and we will behosting the needed ROMs with some time in advance for you to getready for it.
Unfortunately we heard about Tratax Retirementfrom the PSEmu Pro team. This was caused by he being hired by a gamingcompany which restricts him for coding emulators. He doesn't rule out thechance of coming back to emulation in a few years time, but he will stillstop working on PSEmu Pro as of February 1st. This must be a dreamcome true for many people, as it probably is for Tratax, and I feel happyfor him in getting a game programming job in a very cool industry.
Then what was probably most awaited than anything else thispast week, bleem was leaked out and postedfor download at various Emulation Sites. The news came out from Dave's Classicsas apparently he had gotten a hold of a month old version of the beta,and got permission from the author to distribute. The emulator wasposted for download here but had to be taken out at the request madeon the official page about its distribution being illegal. Many people werelucky enough to try it and be very pleased with their results. This finallyproved beyond speculation that the emulator does in fact exist. Thepage was updated last night with a little more information about it, sayingthat version 0.00 will be released pretty soon. No word on the actualrelease date, but we're hoping it is fairly soon.
Virtual Game Boywas released on wednesday to registered users. This version addeda couple of weird things like Pocket Printer support and also fixed a coupleof other stuff and added some Color Gameboy features.
Raine added yet two more gamesto the list. This time Pipi & Bibi's and 64th Street. Pipi & Bibi's seems tobe a naughty game with an adult rating as naked ladies are shown asrewards for accomplishing goals. This will probably be a hot downloadfor a while. 64th Street is a brawl game with the looks of Final Fight andStreets of Rage.
What was being awaited since some previous MAME releaseswas the Release ofMAME 0.35b1 since it had added support for a some games butmost importantly Rolling Thunder and fixed support for Super Punch Out.It also included a couple of core changes. There is still no word on theteam about Street Fighter I being emulated although work is being doneon it. 6 games were added in total to this version.
Boycott 0.44was released early Friday. This version included a faster renderingsystem, full game genie support, autodetection for Color Gameboygames among other things.
Incredibly enough, Z26was released twice during the same day. These two versions includedfixes for Windows 98 and also an icon for you to double click whileusing Windows.
And the last bit of news for the week included the Releaseof Gameboy98 0.05c to the public. This is another Gameboyemulator available for download here. This version added ColorGameboy support among other things.
That was all that happened during the last week. This week I willhave more time to work on the news so expect more updates than thepast three weeks since this will be my first normal week since I wentback home for vacation. I expect a couple of cool things to happen thisweek around here, so I'll keep you posted. Thanks for Reading!

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One Article Down: Gameboy 98 0.05c!

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