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ROMLIST Interviewed Part II! - May 24,1998 by JoseQ
The other day we ran an InterView with OrG2 of ROMLIST, and as always, the secondhalf of the InterView comes a little after. He has dumped ROM, threatened the EMU communitywith his resignation, but we love him so he decided to come back. So answering some of the questionsfrom OrG's interview, and a small slew of new onew, here is the one previously known as CaBBe,which is now araCorn from ROMLIST. Give it up for araCorn!

1. First of all, can you tell us how ROMLIST came about? What made youstart it?
I hadn't heard of arcade emulators until OrG talked about MAME and Callus,and practically forced me into dumping roms. I weren't very enthusiasticabout the idea at first but after a few dumps for Callus, and to see andhear the huge response I started to enjoy the work. Org started collecting Wanted-ROMlists and soon we were flodded by mail. Therefore we started Romlist.

2. How come you still have time to work on ROMLIST?
I don't, but I have to take some time on and on. I wish I had another 24hr a day.
[Don't we all? =P]

3. Can you describe the process from wanting a ROM to having a ROM @ROMLIST?
After a request on Romlist, the real work begins, searching through all ourpiles of boards takes a lot of time, sparetime! And believe me there are manypiles to search through. I've got access to over 2500 boards so I hope youcan understand that finding a specific board takes time.....When the board istaken I start looking at the roms, CPU, sound processor etc. etc. Often thereare some roms that aren't socketed and therefore I need to unsolder the rom(s).This is quite hard because you don't want to damage the board. When I dump the romsI'm using a Labtool-48 which is a very good eprom-burner. Before I could dump 'emthough, I need to know how big the prom is which could cause some trouble. Mostlyit's the masked roms that causes me trouble. Research is often needed at theprom-manufacturers websites.

4. What are your thoughts on the legality of Emulation in general?
As long as you don't include copyrighted material in the emulators itshould be legal. As far as I know no emulator is distributed with that kindof material.

5. How about ROM distribution? This is the part of emulation thatresides in the thinnest part of the rope. What do you think aboutdistributing ROMs, is it legal?
It's not illegal to make backups if you have the boards itself and anyoneelse who has the board could download the dumps. Ofcourse we cannot checkif they really own the board.

6. Have you been contacted by any of the manufacturers, or IDSA ingeneral?
No. As I approach newer kind of boards (SNK and Sega Model 1 & 2) we'llsee how the manufacturers reacts.

7. Does the fact of being in Sweden help you be more comfortable doingit?
No, I dont think it's safer in Sweden than other countries.

8. Your NERD Mail section, is pretty darn funny... Do you really getmany nerdmails every day? Or how often do you get them?
Oh yes, I got about 2-8 mails that I would call NERD-mails. After a CallusRelease it could be as many as 20 a day.

9. About how many mail notes in general do you process each day?
It varys alot depending on if it has been any emu release lately or not.

10. What would you like to express to the reading public out there,about anything at all?
Due to reasons I wouldn't like to explain publically, I have to changenick name. I'll take my RPG character name: AraCorn.

11. So, can you describe what made you change your mind? There has to bemore than one simple reason isnt there?
Yes, the emulation of the Neo-Geo is one of them. Another is all the mailsfilling my mailbox, thank you everyone. Especially a mail from the greatVirtu-Al helped me to reconsider my decision to quit. I've also been intothe scene long enough to get some close friends which also helped me recon-sider my decision.

12. Did you get many people supporting your efforts and calling you tocome back?
Yes, as Org described there were about 70-80 mails asking for a coming back.I would like to thank you all!

13. How did that feel?
I feeled appreciated and I was quite shocked over the huge response.

We thank araCorn for his time in answering thesequestions and we're certainly glad he is back, even if its not under hisusual Nick. Comments can be sent to JoseQor Org2 & araCorn. Thanks for reading!

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