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Rumor Mill is Back! - January 13,1999 by JoseQ
Now that I'm finally getting back up to speed, I've got time to returnthe Rumor Mill to its right place on Wednesdays, and boy do I have somecool stuff cooking over here. A few new emulators, maybe some dates,and as always, just rumors, so please don't go to the authors with whatI said here. Also remember that these rumors come from reliable sourcesmost of the time, so although rumors, they might be more true than youthink.
I'd like to start with our NeoRage friends. Janne and Anders havebeen pretty much invisible since the last release of their awesomeemulator. Remember how they surprised us with that release? Theyeven fooled me as I already had a "New Rage" icon ready for thenews of their new release and then they come out with NeoRage.It may be no secret that they are still hard at work on a project relatedto emulation. I've heard what it is, but certainly can't comment on it,but it definitely is a nice surprise what we will get once again. I hearit's close to completion too, so we will probably be seeing from one ofour favorite duos pretty soon.
Another not so rumor, but maybe one that you missed in myearlier report. JROKis coming out with a Namco System 1 emulator the likes of whichplays games such as Pacmania, Galaga 88 and Dragon Spirit amongother things. Well I've heard from a very reliable source that the publicbeta should be arriving in fact, "any day now"! So if you see that JAS-SYS1icon again on this page, just head on to the Emulators Page, cause thatmeans it's out. Initially although theoretically being able to support allNamco Sys1 games, it will only support Pacmania which is probablyone of the most awaited games right now. Then it will get support forother games, probably one at a time. Can't wait huh?
The rumors surrounding a MAME release nearing completion mightbe not so off after all. Many new drivers were submitted even before MAME 0.35b1was released, but due to many core changes, beta 1 was released so thatthere was a stable core code before plugging all those drivers in it. So expectto see over 10 games added to the next version of MAME. UnfortunatelyStreet Fighter I is not one of them (yet) so discard that rumor. it willtake a little while longer for that one to show up.
DragonYen from Elite Gamer has been posting clues about a big announcementthat should come up tonight or tomorrow. God knows the clues arepretty hard unless you have got plenty of time on your hands. Clue #8was pretty simple, and it says something about Neo Geo. So could itbe another Neo Geo emulator? Maybe a faster emulator with fullsound as well? Certainly sounds interesting.
One last thing before leaving... Don't you think M72 should behaving a release pretty soon? We read a long time ago about new gamesbeing added. I believe Nao has something up his sleeve and may wantto surprise us once again. Once again, we patiently await.
That's all for this edition of the Rumor mill, I hope most of thesecome true in a short period of time, don't you?

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