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Week In ReView! - January 18,1999 by JoseQ
Another week has gone by, unfortunately one with noArcade Emulator releases and few console releases. Slowweek? Maybe. And probably a good sign for a much more busyweek that starts today. So here is the list of articles to be discussed in this edition of theWeek In ReView. At the end, I'll make a few EmuViewsrelated announcements as well, so read on!
This week may have very well been the Interview weeksince there were 6 interviews total, including thereturn of EmuViews into the InterView business. Earlyin the week however, it was the turn for the News-U-Lator Interviews in which the author of uNESsential andthe author of VBEmu98 were interviewed.
The next day was a memorable day for us at #Retrogamers. It was the day this new EfNet IRC channelwent public and I can certify it has been a great weekfor it. It has had the greatest reception with a constantflow of people talking about your favorite emulationsubjects. If you haven't stopped by, do so soon, and sayhello to many site ops, emulator authors and the such.It's a must visit!
That day also marked The return of ROMLIST. Org and Aracorn finally made acomeback and released a new NeoGeo dump by the name ofSuper Sidekicks 4. This was a nice surprise for everyoneas this site was updated very regularly with new gamereleases. Apparently they are back in business and havegone crazy with the dumpings, so we'll see more gamesshooting out of that page pretty soon.
I was very lucky to get a glimpse of JAS-SYS1. This isa new emulator from JROK which will feature Namco System1support. That particular piece of hardware hasn't beenemulated by anyone. JAS-SYS1 plays beautifully withPacMania performing full speed on fast systems. It's comingout pretty soon!
The news broke out of a Unofficial MAME32 0.35b1 release. I made it available for download locallyso if you're desperate to play Rolling Thunder in Windows,that's what you need.
Mario Silva posted on the Raine Page about theDesign A Logo Contest. This contest will put the winners image onthe emulator itself and his/her name in the credits list.So if you've got what it takes, you should give it a shot.
I blurbed a little in last weeks Rumor Mill whichI hadn't posted for a long while since I had been outof the mainland and been too busy to write one up. It willsteadily show from now on.
It was my turn to grab the mic and publish another InterView, so the #30th InterViewee was Gollum inan InterView with theBoyCott and PCott author. A lot of info on Gollum'slist of emulators can be read there.
The first emulator release of the week was HU6820 1.86which added support for a couple of things and spedthings up by removing a big bug out of the IRQ system.
Another Raine update was made on the 14th announcingthe addition of another pair of games. The games areMaze of Flott and Asuka & Asuka. The release is probablyclosing in, and I certainly can't wait.
Two new releases that I posted just earlier todayincluded the release of NeoDanji 0.0048and VBEmu98 whichwas out for the first time after many news reports.
The Fixo Files made Three Interviewsavailable to the public. The MAME32 team was interviewedas well as the VBEmu98 author, David Tucker. FinallyAtmospherical Heights creator, John den Hartog wasinterviewed as he is bringing his site back up. Verycool stuff from EmulatorsUnlimited.
And to end the week, an independent article by CalicoCat titled Emulation Online History in which he covers some sites that havecovered emulation for a long time now. These are probablythe sites that have been around since the first couple ofemulators were around and offer a lot of cool information.Calico Cat will probably be writing a couple more articlesin the not too distant future.
The announcements I wanted to make is the re-openingof the Portuguese mirror since Snatcher is back from hislong vacations. If you want to work on the Spanish Mirrorplease let me knowas it takes not a lot of work to do. No HTML knowledge required, just good English/Spanish skills.
I also want to mention that I will be posting anotherInterView tomorrow with another MAME developer. It will bea surprise, but chances are you've heard his name more thanonce. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, andeither way, thanks for reading!

One Article Up: SNes 9x DOS with GUI!
One Article Down: Emulations Online History

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