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The Rumor Mill - January 20,1999 by JoseQ
Welcome to another edition of the Rumor Mill. As you may havenoted, not a lot has happened in a while. After having six news updateson Monday, I had nothing to post yesterday. So still, I had time to gathersome rumors for you to chew on while the big wave hits (if it ever does).It may be a rumor, but something tells me that everything I say nothingis happening, something does happen, so [knocking on wood] let's justhope something starts happening soon. So here are the rumors.
First from the Raine front. Remember how I've been expecting thislittle baby to come out since last year? Well apparently it's starting toget serious now, as we should start getting more of those ROMs readyto distribute in the next few days which is a good sign for an upcomingrelease. I think people will agree with me in that we prefer less new gamesand more releases rather than one release with a lot of new games.Specially if each of them takes a long time to download over regularconnections. So this may be a rumor, but expect to play that naughtyRaine game before the end of the month.
I am very fortunate to know of a very very cool game being addedto System16, and no, it's not Body Slam. I doubt we will be seeing itanytime soon, but I [and I know everyone] will be inmensely happywhen this game hits the emulation scene. A System16 release? There maybe one soon, but I would expect maybe next month, unless Nao and Thierryfeel good enough to let us have those sample-less voices running onour PCs soon.
There have been many changes submitted after MAME 0.35b1 wasreleased, but the list has gotten a little silent recently. It may also be asign of a new release coming out soon, or also of some having problemsgetting those changes into their builds. Don't expect to see Pole Positionor Street Fighter I in the next release, but a couple of new games, andbetter Sega support among other things.
Speaking of Street Fighter I, I have read from a very reliable source,that a non-MAMEDEV is working on the SF1 driver. I have even seenpics that look pretty convincing. The game is apparently playable butthere are some graphic glitches in the background images among otherlittle problems. Give it a month or so before you get to play this gameon MAME or maybe a standalone emulator.
The sounds on the JAS-SYS1 emulator are getting better andbetter I hear. Supposedly, sound emulation is complete and working.The only problem is, you will need a pretty hefty machine to play thegames with full sound enabled. Something like a PII-333 comes tomind when you think of all the hardware involved in those games.Something to look forward too. Hopefully we will get an alpha-releasepretty soon. Expect to see it here as soon as it hits the net.
There are plenty of rumors of secretly worked on N64 emulators,and Windows versions of existing emulators, but too many and toovague to go into them in this edition of Rumor Mill. So until next week,I will leave you thinking about the future of Emulation. Thanks for reading!

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One Article Down: System16 News!

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