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The Week In ReView! - January 25,1999 by JoseQ
Welcome to the latest edition of the Week In ReView. I'm glad to say this past week was a lot more eventful thanthe previous one with a lot more updates and releasesto chew on. So here's the list of lastweek's articles so that you can just click along theweek if you want. So let's start talking since just afterthe last Week in ReView, and go from there.
We started the good pretty good with a very awaitedSnes9Xfor DOS with GUI release. A lot of people wanted tohave something like this, including myself. Now the GUIversion is also able to play Super Mario Kart among othergames that had become playable since it's last inception.Very good start indeed.
To keep the flow going after the previous InterView withGollum, I posted the InterView with Phil Stroffolino. Phil is a very active MAMEDEV memberwhose contributions include well known games like DoubleDragon, Rolling Thunder and the System16 series of games.A must read for InterView fans. I can now say that I havea few other interesting candidates being InterViewed as youread this.
Later that day, some PSEmu Newswere posted. A lot of improvements being added as thedate when Tratax leaves the team draws closer. No newson a release date, but still improving. Something tolook forward to.
As if that weren't enough, Raine adds anotherpair of games as usual. This has become a commontrend at the Raine page. These two games from Jaleco werethe latest addition to the emulator and also an announcementon the Logo Design contest was made. The winner should beannounced pretty soon.
We had two HU6280 releases this past week. Versions1.87 was releasedwith version 1.89 Beta following 5 days after. These two versions includedgreat progress on getting all games available for the PCEperfectly emulated. This emulator has come a long waysince it initial stages.
Unfortunately, after 6 news updates on January the 18th, there were no news postings on January 19th, which helped this week seem very slow in terms ofnews. January 20th started with some exclusive news postedat Retrogamesabout System16. In it, the announcement of the newestaddition to the emulator, Body Slam, which was later doneOfficially at the S16 page. Also a new chip being emulated which allows thevoices in games like Alien Syndrome, Shinobi and GoldenAxe to require no samples. This same emulation was addedto MAME in its latest version, since MAME was where Thierrygot the info from.
As usual during Wednesdays, I posted the Rumor Mill whichincluded rumors ranging from N64 emulators to secret gamesbeing added to System16 behind closed doors. Expect to seesome more cool rumors on this week's edition as well.
The last news bits of the day included the fact thatNicola had gone back to adding a new game to MAME. The Aero Fighters driver, was later included inthe second instance of MAME 0.35 beta.
The only news bit I could find to post on January21st was the great MAME32 0.35b1 release which gave NT fans the opportunity to playRolling Thunder among other games that were added inthat version.
The author of Nofrendo, posted some news about thestatus of the Emu. Assuring everyone that the emulatoris still kicking, he mentions that a release is forthcomingbut that we should be patient since it takes time to code a good emulator. Good to know that the project is still alive.
Gollum released a new version of his Boycott emulatoron January 23rd. Version 0.45 wasreleased to the public. This version finally includedthe addition of Color Gameboy games although no colorsare shown. Let's just wait for the next release, it'llprobably have full color support.
In an EV Exclusive news bit, C.A.G.E. gave signsof life with a statement from the author. The emulatoris still alive and might be even part of a commercialproduct. If the deal doesn't happen though, it'll come outwith support for yet more games (mentioned on the news article) and even more speed. Remember this is a Windowsemulator; still the author claims it should rival DOS Retrocade in terms of speed. Let's just wait and see whathappens. Larry mentions we should know pretty soon. I'llkeep you posted.
During saturday afternoon, MAME 0.35b2 was finally released. I had waited for this release fordays and it just came out when I wasn't looking. Manygames were added to this release and I made them availablefor you to download. Also support for voices in the System16 games are something you want to hear. A lot of newstuff in this release, believe me.
Getting close to the end of the week, Shane Monroedelivered his Real Audio show, Retroradio.In it Shane talked about the latest happenings with themain emulators among other things. A must listen.
And the last bit of news for the week, was thecomeback of one of the most important AMIGA sites. Lazarus decided toget back online with a statement about the happeningswith the IDSA, which is to say, very unfair treatment.Because of it, they decided to get back on the Web anddo what they do best.
Well, that's it for this edition of the Week In ReView.As always, I'm hoping this next week will be full of surprises and great news. Hopefully, Raine 0.18 will see thelight of day, although I'm pretty sure it won't happen.Something good will happen, that's for sure, and as alwaysyou can count on EmuViews to bring the news to you as theyhappen. Thanks for reading!

One Article Up: Legend of Kage coming soon!
One Article Down: Lazarus Comes Back!

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