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More Rumors at the Mill - January 27,1999 by JoseQ
Of course there are more rumors when a weekly column has tobe written. I bet the talk of the day has been about that new Next-GenerationEmulator, and I just want to clear a couple of things about thoserumors, as well as tell you about some new ones as well. But pleaseremember, that what you read here are just rumors, coming from someEV readers, others may be just speculation, and some others may justbe truths I'm not allowed to say, but can just rumorize them a little. Solet's get started!
First, back to the Raine business. I believe it has always appearedin the Rumor Mill consistently. Well, this week it appears will be theweek of Raine. From what I've heard on the street, it may seem thatRaine is closer to us than what we may imagine. It might be a monthaway, but weeks or days tend to ring a bell. I've heard rumors thatsome of the members of the team want a release pretty soon, in consideration forus Server admins, while others may want to add more games. While itis still to be debated, I would expect to see Raine 0.18 pretty soon. Andno, it's not a typo. Version 0.17 will be skipped, this will be a pretty bigrelease, thus the .02 increment. Raise your hand those of you who wouldhave preferred two small increments?
Good Old System16 is not abandoned. A new beta is rumored tobe circulating pronto around the beta testers. This will include voicesupport just like MAME but of course, it applies to a couple of moregames S16 supports and MAME doesn't like Out Run. I'm trying to findout any rumors I can about the progress of M72 or maybe M92? Whoknows. Still, I will try to bring you some inside scoop on that for nextweek.
VBEmu98, the newest member of our Emulator downloads, isalso rumored to have new stuff for us soon. Even a Windows port.Well that's not a rumor, since it's posted right on the page. Expect to seea new version of this new emulator within a week or two. It shouldhave better support.
Speaking of Windows versions of stuff... Retrocade is coming alongvery nicely. Keep in mind that they pay a lot more attention to qualityrather than quantity first. I've heard a lot of positive things from peoplevery close in the project, stating that debugger efforts are well underwayand a release should be made pretty soon. Want some cool info? The Windowsversion of Retrocade might be just as fast (and maybe even faster) thanthe DOS version. That may be a rumor, but I'm pretty confident it will bea reality. Just you watch. That's not all about Windows ports though,but that's all I'm willing to say for now.
However speaking of Retrocade still, some other things that mightinterest you. It seems the next version will support yet more previouslyunemulated games. Needless to say they will be at unprecedented speedsso you'll probably be playing those in average systems around. Atleast one of those new games will make you very happy.
And probably what you came here to read. The Next Generationemulator. It will be huge, it's amazing, yadda yadda yadda. Well it is, ok?It took a lot of effort to believe it, and still with a lot of proof, it isstill incredible. But let me clear things up. No, it's not CPS2, it's notDreamcast either. What Emulator's Unlimited'sFoxy calls Next Generation machines, as I believe Uk people do, is oneof three consoles. Either PSX, N64 or Saturn. So there are only 3 choices,and either one at the level of what you'll see, is amazing. Another hint? I certainly didn'texpect this to happen. Now it is real, and tied to a release date justdays away, yes more than one and less than fifteen. Although, youknow you just read that at the Rumor Mill. Thanks for reading!

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