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Week In ReView - January 31,1999 by JoseQ
A little early for this week's Week In ReView, buteverybody has got to agree that this has been an historicweek in the world of Emulation, and a pretty busy one indeed. For good or bad, once againwe had thousands of people turning their heads to look atthe emulation scene possibly for the first time. But still,let's go back to last Monday to slowly cover what wentthrough this week using the Article Indexfor the past week.
The week started with the news about Legendof Kage getting added to MAME. This was, at least inmy town, a very popular action game since it involveda Ninja-like guy whom like to jump (more like fly) acrossforests and stuff. I don't remember a whole lot about thegame, other than running around as a kid, pretending to bethat guy. It must've been pretty good.
Later that day I was informed about this Next Generation Emulator that would rock the scene. At the time I hadpromised not to tell anything about it, except that itwas either PSX, Saturn or N64 emulation. This started abig controversy and many people rumored and feared thatit could be a N64 emulator.
Ernesto Corviwas InterViewed in a very interesting set of questionswith the guy who brought you Karate Champ and Super Punch Outamong other very popular drivers to MAME. As usual, I askedvery common questions so that the MAME using public can get to knowthe creators of this wonderful emulator.
Wednesday's Rumor Mill revealeda little more info on this mysterious emulator since many were thinkingit could be a CPS2 emulator. Also some news about System16and games coming up in Retrocade.
Thursday saw the Release of MAME32 0.35b2 to the public. This was a very close releaseto the DOS version and put the Window version up to datewith the many additions that were made in this last installment.
As if that weren't enough, the mysterious next-generationemulator was also released much later that day. The authorsdecided it was time to release it and let the world knowthe amazing feat they had accomplished. UltraHLE was bornas the first and only Nintendo 64 emulator capable ofplaying Super Mario 64 and Zelda 64 at full speed on aPentium II 300 or better with 3dfx equipment. This eventriggered gaming publications like IGN.COM and Next-Generation Online to talk about emulation and even call the UltraHLE authors on the phone and ask them a few questions. Just 4 hours later, the UltraHLE page was shut down and theproject had been put on hold. Little time had passed whenthe page was closed for good and the project completelydiscontinued. More details in the link to the article above and the following update. Two days later I posted the final Update about the UltraHLE issue.
Some News from BrSMS Land telling us about a new graphics engine to beutilized in the next registered version release of theemulator. An engine called parrot would allow BrSMS todisplay a thousand times the amount of colors it usedto display to enhance the gaming eye.
Also that night I posted a scoop I got from OlivierGalibert about the status of the Street Fighter Driver. This game is almost complete in MAME sinceit's only lacking sound support. Good news is the encryptionhas been cracked and that a driver for MAME will besubmitted within a week. Expect to see this pretty soon.
I hadn't noticed, but the 500th article in EmuViewsgoes to the Raine 0.18 ROMs Release news. We were authorized by Mario Silva tostart distributing the games for the upcoming Raine Release.I've put those ROMs in the new server so there should beplenty of connections available for you to download. Here'sto 500 more articles!
Some sad news came up from the RockNES front wherethe author also announced putting RockNES on hold.Luckily his statement was later removed announcing howthey will continue on the project while keeping an eyeon the legality of emulators. We're still waiting on theoutcome of the Connectix court case which should helpclarify this once and for all.
On a very different attitude, Matt Conte, Nofrendo'sauthor, took a standagainst the recent happenings in which he states that Nintendo'swords can only make him work harder on his emulator andthat their words are completely unfounded.
And the last update of the week before this Weekin ReView, we've got Sharkcoming soon. I was informed by one of the authors thatthis Arcade emulator will be released possibly today.The games are already available at the ROMs Page and youcan start getting ready for some shoot-em up action inWindows offered by this emulator coded by the Dead Serious Clan. An upcoming InterView will let you guys know some moreabout these guys.
Well, that's it for this Week in ReView written onSuper Bowl Sunday. You might have guessed that I'm not anNFL fan yet, which is why I'm writing this at this time.Maybe next year I'll be glued to the TV set, but not today.We will see a lot of interesting things happening this weekwith the release of Shark and the possible release of Raine.Also more news from Nintendo, IDSA and Connectix shouldcome out. As always, you can count on EV to keep you postedwith the latest! Hasta la Vista!

One Article Up: Raine 0.18!
One Article Down: Shark Coming Soon!

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