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The Rumor Mill - February 03,1999 by JoseQ
I owe it to you to grab some rumors for this weeklycolumn every wednesday and here it is. I've got a fewgood ones this week, although probably not as juicy aslast week. But as always I must remind you that this isthe Rumor Mill, things mentioned here might or might notmaterialize as they're sometimes just ideas, or projectsin development that may not make it. So far, you must admitI have a pretty good track record though. So, on with the mill!
Well for this rumor I've been a little restricted onwhat I can say, but I can tell you that it may be impressiveif it becomes a reality. There's this one emulator author,who is thinking about writing a stand-alone emulator forsome games that require a lot of CPU power. This emulator,if it materializes, should offer a great speed improvementover the available emulator for these games by usingdynamic recompilation. Now, I can'tmention the games or the name, but I can promise that manymany many of you would be happy to see an emulator like this. More on this probably next week.
On a related note, I was just informed that a certain Windows emulator had just probably set a speed record inperformance. The author achieved 700 FPS playing Galaga inthis emulator on a common P233 (this is no rumor) and alsofull speed on a 486-66. This has to be some kind of recordsince I can't even play Galaga full speed on MAME32 on myP120 although it suffers from the Compaq crippling factor.It's probably that you will be able to see this over theweekend by the way.
By now you've all probably heard about Duddie leavingthe PSEmu Pro Project, but still staying close to emulation.How close you've asked? Well, this weekend we will all knowwhat Duddie has in store for us. Some people even say he'sworking on a web page by himself, and of course, where elseto host his page than with the guys at EmuUnlim.Com. Yup, they'reworking together on this, and we will all know what's behindthe curtain this coming weekend. And you don't have to bea rocket scientist to figure out the URL to Duddie's Page. Oops, I think I went too far.
Another rumor courtesy of The Fox, is that a Jaguaremulator is in the works. Yes, this emulator will becapable of playing games. Although there weren't many greatgames for that console, games like Tempest 2000 come to mind. Still, you can probably find these consoles verycheap anywhere.
Well that's it for this edition of the Rumor Mill. Andhere are my predictions for the major releases. MAME? Giveit a couple of weeks. Isn't it neat that MAME32 and MAME areon par for so long time? It'll be a while before the nextrelease. Raine? Who knows? System16? Within a month. M72?Completely unknown. Jas-Sys1, before March. A new Retrocadebeta? Pretty soon. A release date is unknown though. Thanks for reading yet another edition of The Rumor Mill. Catch you next week!

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