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Week In ReView - February 08,1999 by JoseQ
Well, one day late, but here for sure is the Week InReView for this past week. This was a very interestingone with good releases, and big nice InterViews, unfortunately culminating with me not being able to updatefor almost two days. The good thing is that now EV is back,and should stay up again as usual. So here's the list of articles for the past seven days for which therewere news posted here. (That's how the script works). Solet's go through them one by one, as usual.
The first thing we saw right after the lastWeek In ReViewwas the very much awaited release of RAINE 0.18. This was a huge release indeed with 26 new gamesavailable. An unprecedented amount of games in Raine,considering they're all new to the emulatino world! TheROMs were made available here as well as other sites.
Next bit of news, another emulator release! This timeit was the release of Shark,another emulator which had not seen the update light ina long time. This emulator, which is very popular amongshoot-em-up fans, was released by the Dead Serious Clan.The ROMs for this emulator were also made available here.
Explaining the long hiatus for the Dead Serious Clanwas Carl-Henrik in his EmuViews InterView. He answers a few questions about Shark, himself and the Dead Serious Clan.
Unfortunate news came to us on the same date Trataxhad stated that he would leave the PSEmu team. Duddiedecided to leave the PSEmu Pro team as well. Just likeTratax, a statement was posted at the PSEmu page.
The last article pointed out to an interview that tookplace at Emulators Unlimited. Conducted by Zing, he exchanges a few wordswith the author of C.A.G.E., Larry Bank. Here's what I posted aboutit.
In a return to posting miscelaneous news (a habit Ihad lost for reasons I don't understand), I got around topost an EV News articlecovering some articles I had read and some more reactionsaround the UltraHLE incident the previous weeks.
The release of E.C.H.O. was covered at EmuViews. This is the firsttime I covered an Atari ST emulator. I hope to be coveringa whole lot more emulators in the future. Like for examplethe addition of winSTon to the list of emulators covered. I will beadding more and more emulators as they come out.
A new version of PSEmu Pro was released on February 3rd by the guys who are stillbehind the project. This version added a couple of thingsimported from the previous TAB announcement in whichPsyke and PSEmu traded knowledge about their emulators.
As usual, the Rumor Mill was posted on Wednesday. This was a short edition since therewere so many things happening, that I didn't have muchtime to gather rumors around. Still a couple of good rumorswere posted. Keep in mind, that just because they are inthe Rumor Mill, it doesn't mean they are only that.
Yet another emulator release in the same week. Ricardo Bittencourt decided to release his BrSMS 1.17 with 'Parrot'. This was the interpolating engine inspiredby the Eagle graphics engine by Dirk Stevens which shouldmake SMS games look much cleaner and less blocky. Rememberthat this was just for registered users, but registrationis free. Just fill out a form, and you'll receive the nextversion in your e-mail box right on release day.
I am very proud to have been given the chance toInterView Nicola Salmoria. The mastermind who created MAME, which inturn is probably the reason why Emulation Gaming is so bigtoday, provided me with some time to ask a few questions.This is a very long InterView many people have enjoyed.
In a major win for Connectix, a judge ruled that Connectix hadits rights to distribute the Virtual Game Station (PSXEmulator for the Mac) and that Sony had no right to stopthat distribution from happening. This is a very positivewin for Connectix, and for the emulation world. We'll havemore news on this case as it develops.
On Saturday I was able to make one last update. Thiswas about the MAME WIP Pagemoving to the official MAME Page. This new location,is maintained by Santeri Saarima, one of MAME'syoungest contributors (and good friend of mine). Ithas the latest and most official news on MAME you can find.You can even get a glimpse at MAME running with graphicsinterpolation, the latest addition to MAME by Mirko Buffoni.
Next up was the announcement of EmuViews being backup in the most recent EV News article.I can certainly say I'm glad to be back. Just two dayswithout my page and it felt like an eternity.
Last but not least, HU6280 was ported. HU6280 for Windowswas born just today with this release which is exactlythe same version as the latest DOS release which happenedon January 23rd.
Well, that's all for this week. I hope everything goeswell during this week, and that we get many more news foryou to read on. I still have some InterViews hidden inmy bag of tricks, so stay tuned for more InterViews andReViews coming up during the next few days. Thanks forreading!

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