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The Rumor Mill - February 10,1999 by JoseQ
Updated! 8pm EST Read at the Bottom
Once again, the Qman returns with some nice rumors from aroundthe scene. And I gotta tell you, this time I got some really cool stuffthat you haven't read anywhere else. As a reminder, look at the header,and remember what you read here, may or may not materialize, althoughI will always hint you on when to expect that. The Rumor Mill is more likethings in development and prototyping, and an outlook on things tocome. This works out for authors who don't want to compromise placinga date on their plans and then having everyone bash them becauseof that. So let's get started with what I got for you today.
First the not so good news for the average Joe EmulationGamer. It appears that CAGE will not be released publicly after all.The commercialization talks have once again resumed and it appearsit will be a go for a retail product eventually. I'll keep you updated, butthat's the latest, hot off today's press.
Speaking of commercial products, it seems that bleem is on itsway to retail as well. Maybe not as you expected though. It seems that thebleem developers are in talks with some of the PSX software houseswith a very interesting goal in mind. To get bleem inserted into theactual PSX CDs and have the actual PSX games just work on the PCthanks to bleem. Talk about a great idea! You could just go out andbuy a Playstation game and play it on your PC at no extra chargewhile the bleem author gets his royalty as well. It's certainly a veryingenius concept.
As long as we are in the subject of console emulation. I've gotsome very interesting rumors from the SNES emulation world, officialrumors from the two more popular emulators. Let's talk first aboutSnes9x. Seems like graphicinterpolation is the hot topic recently since it has been added to MAMEand BrSMS in the last week or so. Well Snes9x will be no exception asit is said it will get it soon. It is also mentioned that it will be the fasterinterpolation engine yet, so the performance hit won't be so big. Wantmore? This is a nice feature for those of you who used to play SNESon your Black & White TV. There will be a hidden easter egg that willdisplay games in a greyscale so that you get that real old feeling likeyou used to have. If you are really nostalgic, that will really bring upmemories.
Now to the other great SNES emulator, ZSnes.Well some of these rumors aren't good, but it appears zsKnight hasntbeen working a lot on ZSnes lately. However some of the last changesinclude numerous speedups, as well as some bug fixes. A more interestingrumor, is that the code might even be released soon. This is somethingI'm sure many people would like to get their hands on. I'll keep youposted!
Other scarce rumors I got today seem to point out that a Jaguar Emulatoris bound to be released really soon. Unfortunately there weren't too manygames for that console, and it will probably be a little difficult to get theROMs at first, but we'll see about that. I'll help as much as I can on that.
One last rumor is that the tip given out hereearlier, is not the only hidden thing in the emulator. There aremore things you can do with the keyboard to activate secret features.This is not too much of a rumor, but more like the real thing. Moreinfo on that later, if I find out what the secrets are.
And now the usual outlook on things to come. I expect to seea new beta of MAME within a week or so. Raine? Still no one knows.RockNES seems to be coming out soon. HU6280? Can we have anymore releases? Retrocade... A private beta during this weekend. InterViews@ EmuViews? I've got a couple ligned up for you real soon. Thanks forreading!

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