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Magnus Danielson, Shark Programmer - May 26,1998 by JoseQ
Magnus Danielson is the head programmer for Shark, one of the newestemulators around. Along with Henrik Skarstedt and Johan Köhler, they have formedthe Dead Serious Clan which is also responsible for Gekko, the first publiclyavailable (and now on pause) Neo-Geo emulator. So we called Magnus out for quickInterView and get a status on Shark, although there is not much info on thatsubject. Here are the questions:

1. The Dead Serious Clan... That sounds pretty serious to me... Why thatname? Who actually came up with it, and who does it include at the moment? Canyou name them, and tell us what they do with Shark and previous EmuExperiences?
We made up the name while writing the press release for Shark, it justcaptures the essence of our personalities. Dead Serious Clan is me(Magnus),Carl-Henrik Skårstedt and Johan "Grekmackan" Köhler. Me and Carl is workingwith Shark and Johan is making the Gekko emulator and answering toconspiracy theories from over-the-edge inspired X-Files freaks (hepreviously made the Nemesis and Salamander emulator ). See us in a comingepisode of X-files!!

2. How did you guys get together? How did you find yourselves?
We met sometime during 1989, while we were programming demos for the Amiga.We found ourselves in the Blue House in Kungsbacka, Sweden :)

Now to the point, the Shark Emulator.
3. How long did it take between the idea of emulating Flying Shark and thefirst public version?
I believe it was about 2 weeks from start to first release.

4. Is this arcade a more modern architecture or is it a very simplemachine? Can you tell us about the difficulties you faced before gotting it to work?
Well, it depends of course what you are comparing with. I think it is arelatively simple machine with 3 layers and 512 sprites..The most difficultpart of the emulation was the "protection". It uses a tms320 co-processorfor a few tasks. Unfortunately there was no dump available of the tms320rom, but by studying the in-arguments of the tms320 functions(sent from the68k processor) and how the results were used, we managed figure out what wasgoing on and write some substitute code.

5. What is the best word to describe the feeling you had the first time youplayed Flying Shark on your PC?
Re-jävla-spect. The game was actually better than I remembered it.

6. Why Taito or why Flying Shark? Is it one of your favorites?
I just stumbled over the roms and had a vague memory of the game beingpretty good....and it turned out that it actually was.

7. Is further optimization being done for already emulated games, or arenew games the only thing being worked on?
We have made some minor optimizations since the last release, but we mainlyfocus on emulating new games. As long as it runs in full framerate on mymachine I'm happy :) I hope there's not too many people out there stillmessing around with 486:s.

8. What is next for Shark? I've read you mentioned new games coming in thenext versions... Any hints? Are they Taito as well?
There will be surprisingly many surprises..But yes, many of them are Taitogames.

9. What is next for The Dead Serious Clan? A new Emulator?
We will continue adding games, and who knows, we might even release afront-end for Shark sometime, letting you enjoy the full rich taste ofShark. (For now, check out the Shark receipes link on the Sharkweb!)

10. Finally, when can we expect the next release of Shark?
Between 2 weeks and 6 months is my guess. Give or take a few years.As you might understand we have no clue about when it will be finished.

Thanks a lot for granting me this short InterView.

Thanks for the interest.

There it is folks, unfortunately no date for the next Shark thatscoming near our waters. At least we know there are a few new games comingand also from Taito. Any guesses? Stay tuned for yet another InterViewcoming. Keep sending your requests too.

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