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Telekawaru InterViewed! - February 12,1999 by JoseQ
Well, there has not been a lot of stuff happening today, so howabout an InterView to give you something to read? This time, theInterViewee position goes to Telekawaru.He has been in charge of the DOS port of Snes9X for a while now,and he wanted to answer a few questions, so sure enough, I sentthem to him. In here you'll find out what to expect in the futureof Snes9X as well as meeting the man behind the version you'reprobably playing the most. I give you, an InterView withTelekawaru:

1. Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into the worldof emulation?

Okay, I'm TeleKawaru, I made the new Snes9x DOS GUI. I'm from Ohio, and am19 years old (Feb. 5). I've been into emulation since the first release ofVGB-DOS and have been hooked ever since. I started off making a few SNES romutils in QBASIC, then I did my first FrontEnd in QB, then moved into VB andmade a bunch more FrontEnds.

2. What motivated you to join the Snes9X DOS staff?

I've always wanted to make my own emu but didn't know where to start. I hadbecome friends with a few emu authors on IRC and ICQ. I started talking toCWX in IRC and I just kept buggin him until he let me help out. The strangepart was that I knew no C/C++ at the time.

3. Has it been as much work as you expected? Can you tell us about theeasier and most complicated parts of your Snes9x responsibilities?

It was actually less work than I expected. The easiest part of myresponsiblities is testing out what I just wrote. That's fun. ^_^; Thecomplicated part is when I'm not quite sure how to do what I want, or whenthere is a function that I want to use that doesn't exist so I have to writeit myself.

4. What new features should we expect in the next release?

New features. Hmm. I've just started college so progress has slowed down abit, either that or what I'm doing now doesn't have as big of an impact asmaking a GUI. Joystick re-mapping will be complete by then *hope hope* andthe new interpolation (not named yet, and developed by Kreed) and maybe afew easter eggs. The biggest thing I'm trying to work out is getting thestability up. I've gotten a ton of complaints about sound not working,though I think people need to get new sound drivers. ^_^;

5. When should we expect the next release?

The next release *SHOULD* be out before next month. Don't take that asgospel though.

6. What games are still not playable on Snes9X if any, and why?

Just the usual, SuperMarioRPG (I don't WANT that to work, I personallydislike that game), a good portion of the SuperFX games (for obviousreasons), MMX2 and MMX3 (C4 chip)

7. Do you think we will eventually get pretty much perfect Snesemulation?

I really don't think we'll ever have 'perfect' Snes emulation. There cannever be enough documentation on the hardware to emulate 100% of the SNES.Though, we can try and compromise by making 90% work and having it lookbetter. ^_~

8. What do you think about the recent comments by Nintendo representativesagainst UltraHLE authors and emulation in general?

I think people really should give the UltraHLE authors a break. Everyonewanted a N64 emulator for a long time, then when UltraHLE came out, peoplegot mad. What a bunch of hippocrites. Just because they used 'shortcuts' tomake the emulation possible at that speed, doesn't mean they put as muchwork into it as other authors. I seriously doubt that NO ONE else has tookshort cuts before. When SNES emulation first came out, there wasn't thismuch hassle over it, and the system was relatively new at the time. I alsothink that the companies like Nintendo and Sony should just make their ownEmulator that is 'better' than what we can make, then sell that, so thempeople will want the 'licensed' emulator. Then the big companies won't makea big deal about it. Also, ColorGameBoy emulators are at an all time highand Nintendo doesn't seem to mind them. I wonder why that is.

9. What would be your response if anyone wanted you to stop your projectclaiming it was "illegal"?

I would either:

a. Keep working on it in private and then just make a big release some timeand surprise the hell outta people.
b. Not care what they say and continue working on it

10. Do you consider emulation in general is moving to the best times ever,or is this popularity for the worse? Why?

I'm mostly indifferent about it. The main reason that emulation is moving somuch faster now is that the technology for making the programs is better andmore people are realizing that anything is indeed possible. The only problemwith the attention is that there will be more 'uneducated' people trying toget into emulation. The 'old school' emulation people might look down onthem, but if they think hard enough, they will realize that they once werein that same position.
Lastly I would like to quote my cousin, Vermillion, on his view of peopleclaiming that emulation is just for nostalgic purposes."Come on, this is emulation! While with this Gundam arcade game I'm notreliving MY youth, I'm reliving someone elses!"
I also wanted to thank all the people that sent me positive feed back on theSnes9x GUI. I know it's not bug-free, but I'm trying my best. And I've addedjust about every feature you've asked for. So keep sending me suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me.

And we thank Telekawarufor taking the time and promptly replying to our set of questions. We thankyou, the reader, for taking the time to read this InterView and I hope you'veenjoyed it as I did. Thanks for reading! More coming soon!

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