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Week In ReView - February 15,1999 by JoseQ
Well, a little late, but better late than never. With all the movementshappening around last night with the MAME release, I forgot to type inthe Week In ReView. But sure enough, here it is, and here is the linkto the list of articlesfor this past week, which although a little slow during most of it, wasfull of surprises and a very nice ending. Also, a couple of interestingInterViews and promising announcements for the near future.
EmuViews started the week with an article written by anindependent writer. Calico Cat wrote a very good article, detailingwinSTon, one of the Atari ST emulators out there. He certainly likes itand wants you to like it. If you had an Atari ST or like the Atari ST emulatorsout there, you should read that article.
THird on the list was an amazing thing. The third release fromJamsponge in three days. This thirdHU6280 included yet more features than the previous release likesound for example. These releases were of the Windows version of hisalready popular emulator which offers virtually perfect PCE/TG16 emulation.
Jamsponge was interviewedin one set of E-Mail wars posted at Emulators Unlimited.In there you can read about what's missing from TG16 emulation andwhat should be expected to be added next to it. Very good read.
Then after an article detailing the incidents at #retrogamesI posted the weekly Rumor Mill, which apparently is liked by many people.I've received good response from many of the readers, and would like tohear more about it. If you have any suggestions on what to add or takefrom it, let me know. Thatedition of the Rumor Mill included a few unknown hints at what to expectfrom the SNES emulators out there, Shark tips among other things. Italso included by the way, the prediction of a MAME release withina week, and the release of the Retrocade private beta. Only rumors?
A new emulation group known as RetroFX made an Artist Requestasking 2D/3D artists and musicians to come forward if they had thetalent to join. I had mentioned this project a very long time ago (withoutidentifying it) as a very impressive piece of work. This will be a shockingemulation project once it is released and I guarantee you, you would liketo be a part of this. Don't be shy, and send in your work even if you don'tknow the actual details, if you get accepted, you will know. Otherwise,hang tight, as you will be impressed by this emulator, I'm sure.
Version 1.80 of ZD-SPCgot released at Zophar'sDomain. This is an SPC (SNES Music) player for Windows thatyou might enjoy having working in the background.
A new iNESwas released by Marat Fayzullin. This version included a lot of newthings. I will let you go direct to the article and read about them sincethey're quite a lot.
Next up was the InterView withTelekawaru. Telekawaru is the DOS port maintainer for Snes9X, oneof the most popular SNES emulators out there. In this set of questions,he answers what to expect next in the SNES emulation field as well asother things you might be interested in reading if you haven't done soalready.
As usual, what is initially a private BrSMS release, becomespublic one week thereafter. So, BrSMS 1.17was released to the public on friday. This version included thegraphic interpolation which should take care of the blockyness of SMSgames. A must have.
Yet another very interesting interview for the week. This time itwas The Foxvs. Connectix in an E-Mail war about the obvious, VirtualGamestation and Sony legal matters. A must read for those wonderingabout the legalities of emulators and the current battles being foughtin real courts.
Not a lot was going on during the weekend, so I posted a reminderfor those of you who hadn't seen the MAME Wipupdates should do so as many interesting things were being postedas well as numerous screenshots. You should bookmark that page andvisit it daily.
A very cool project known as Pac-X was presented& then released at the Pac-X Page.This is an interesting emulator as it does a little more than emulate theactual Pac-Man, it will offer a 3D perspective to the game as well asa radar and the usual view. The first release didn't include the 3Dview, but it should be included soon. Something to be looking out to!This project has been done mostly by Mike Balfour, of MAMEDEVfame (also being InterViewed soon!).
And close to the end of the week, and as predicted in theRumor Mill, we got MAME 0.35 beta 3 released! This version includedsupport for the very aclaimed Street Fighter 1. Not all the ROMsare available, but they will be shortly.
Then yet another member, Kazzuya leaves PSEmu Project.This member is forced to leave because of his new job obligations, sothe PSEmu Project has been stopped for a while since nobody is leftworking on it. Kazzuya will be finding the right people to leave theproject too, and even consider releasing the code to it. I'll keep youposted on that.
Last but not least was the also predicted, release of Retrocade 1.2 betaprivately to the beta testers. This version included a cool slew of thingsstarting to major speedups and new games as Toobin which should runin just about any average machine out there.
Well that's it for this Week In ReView, I hope this week is just asfull of articles as this last one was. Keep an eye for this weeks Rumor Millas it will include plenty of good interesting happenings in the scene.Also a couple of InterViews are bound to happen this week. Thanksfor reading!

One Article Up: HU6280 adds Load/Save feature!
One Article Down: Retrocade turns private 1.2 Beta!

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