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Week In ReView - February 22,1999 by JoseQ
Welcome folks once again to one of the two weeklyarticles posted at EmuViews. Actually, if you have anysuggestion for another weekly feature I could publish,just let me know!.And now back to this past week which I can certainlysay has been the busiest so far. Just take a look at theIndex ofArticles and you can see the long list. Over 20news updates since the last Week In ReView which wasdone on Monday, definitely has to be a record for me.Well let's get on with the ReView and talk about whatwe experienced.
Well, weird enough we started the week and endedthe week with HU6280 releases. Jamsponge, who wasbriefly InterViewed here, talkedto us about the next steps in the development life forHU6280 who has, as of late, turned into an emulator forthe Windows platform. We actually had three releases duringthe week. The first oneintroduced Load/Save feature, the second oneintroduced the use of a .ini file for configuration, andthe thirdone, beta 6, improved on compatibility and fixedsome bugs. Definitely a busy week for Jamsponge.
The other busiest emulator came in just after thefirst HU6280 update. RockNES, obviously an NES emulator,was released three times during the week. After theRockNES Updatein which the plans for release were mentioned, we hada 0.70 release,version 0.71 whichfixed some things and break other ones, but a fixwas quickly released in version 0.72. Alsoa busy week for Kris and Fx3.
Going back to the 16th, I got great news in the formof a Double Dribble dump made available to MAMEDEV. This was one of myfavorite NES basketball games that I didn't have a chanceto play a lot in the arcades. This game featured close-updunk shots which would add a lot to the game, speciallyat a time when screen resolutions were very low and 3Drendering was pretty much unheard of.
Later that day, I posted an EV News Articleabout the latest MAME ROMs and some other miscelaneous newslike Dboy releases and the italian version of MAME.
Very late that night, I got notice that ZS-SPC was releasedand made available at Zophar's. This is a Zophar's Domainexclusive SPC music player (music from SNES games). Wortha try if you're also into music nostalgia. Music alone canbring back so many memories.
In two different instances, I posted about new E-mailwars published at Emulators Unlimited. The first oneplaced SAV2880 againstDan Boris of MAMEDEV, MESS fame. And the second oneposted just today, posted Zing against 64bitof the moonlit coalition in a very interesting interview.Also related to Emulators Unlimited, was a RealityManinterview as part of a Fixo Files edition posted on the 18th. Also very interesting indeed!
This weeks Rumor Millwasn't up to par with the previous editions but therewere just not too many rumors running around. I'll try to make it up to you this week.
I had to write about Back In Time. Thisis a site I was told about which looked great and offereda lot of great content for nostalgic people from theAtari 2600 era and others. Definitely worth a visit!
MAME32 went Beta 3very quickly compared to what we had been accostumed to.This put MAME32 up to par with the DOS version just a fewdays after the release! Good work done by the MAME32team!
A preview was given at the BrSMS page about a newemulation that will be added to that emulator thatlooks like some kind of SMS Computer.In reality, it will emulate a rare computer releasedby Sega a long time ago.
This is the third time I InterView this guy, butevery time something interesting comes out. In thelatest InterView withNeil Bradley we talk about the future of Retrocade,Windows Retrocade and his opinion on the UltraHLE/IDSAdeal. A lot of Nintendo bashing included.
Hot from the MAMEDEVlist I got information that Aaron Giles had submitteda driver for the Exidy gun games! You can find more detailsabout these games inside the article, but I can just tellyou some of them were real bloody and cool by that time.I will be playing those as soon as they're included in MAME,which should be real soon.
Late last night, Shane Monroe posteda newversion of Retro Radio. In this 46 minute long show,he talks about the effects of UltraHLE among otherthings. Definitely worth a listen while you browse orhave fun in mIRC.
The PSEmu Pro Page was updated with news thatPSEmu should notbe counted out yet. A very interesting posting wasmade by none other than Tratax. A must read for thosePSEmu fans.
On a sad note, EmuNews movedout of Classicgaming in not so good terms. On a verylong statement left on the page, Jim Pragit moves backto his original home, and shortly thereafter, Classicgamingpulled the page out and put a statement in its place.As a consequence, Matt Conte followssuit and decides to move his page out too. He islooking for someone to host him, and I will let you knowwhere to look for his page pretty soon.
That basically covered all the news postings of thispast week. Mostly RockNES and HU6280 covered the emureleases during the week, but a lot of interviews alsohelped fulfill out Emulation Scene info needs. Hopefullythis week will be filled with even more energy and enthusiasm and I will be here to post just about everythingI can found in the scene. A huge thanks for reading thishuge article!

One Article Up: EV News
One Article Down: E-Mail Wars #44

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