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The Rumor Mill - February 24,1999 by JoseQ
An early release for today's Rumor Mill, where you can find the latestbarely known facts from the Emulation scene. I've got a couple of goodones for you this week, some stuff you probably haven't even heard of.Also, since I'm posting this early, I might update this same article atnight if I get any more cool rumors for you. I will post the usual red Updateat the top of the article so that you know there is new stuff to read. Solet's get on with what is happening in the underground scene.
You will probably be delighted to hear about not one, but two newemulators in development. What do they emulate? Well nothing else thanSega CD and Sega32x hardware. I know the Sega32x may not sound tooexciting, but the SegaCD in fact makes me happy. For those of us who hadthe chance to play Lunar in it, and the very cool sounding Sonic CD, weare going to be in luck once again. Bad luck for me since I sold my CDsbut sure enough, I'll find them again. As far as the 32x goes, I rememberreading the Star Wars game for it was quite good, but I never got toactually play it. Others may remember and look forward to nostalgicenjoyment.
And although the Raine Pagehas been pretty much dead quiet since the last release. However, I'velearned via my good deep cover agents (very reliable indeed), thatRaine will be adding more Taito Z80. Which games you ask? Oh, someof the "cute" kind. Although already emulated by other emulator(s), theywill be added to the Raine roster pretty soon. You will probably hear aboutthis pretty soon from the official Raine page, but remember I said it first.
More Sega news come in the form of a beta that I tested last night.This is a new, yet to be released, SMS emulator. What's so good about it?Well, for starters I fell in love with the User Interface. It really blew meaway with even a tile grabber included. It is very customizable indeedand it has support for Lightgun and Steering wheel, something BrSMSlacks. It also adds a very important feature that BrSMS also lacks andthat no other SMS emulator has. Even more than that, there will be a lotmore surprises when this emulator comes out. The name of the emulatorseems to be Meka.
More rumors from N64 land? You bet. I tell you this with High LevelExcitement if you know what I mean. It appears one N64 emulatorthat got canned recently, will sort of come back from retirement intoaction as a revitalized form of the retired emu.Employing dynamic recompilation techniques and working justas efficient as that other N64 emu, it seems that a whole newcommercial N64 games emulator mightbecome a Reality. Well it will be the second emulator to achieve that.Have I given too many clues? Well I'll just give you the name it will wear. It hasthe word Reality in it, and a number greater than one and lesser than three.Oh, and it only has one word and one number in its name.
Well, that's all for now. I'll come back later to update with some morerumors, and the outlook on Emulator releases for this coming week.Thanks for reading!

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