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Rumor Mill - March 03,1999 by JoseQ
Are you ready for some rumors? Well this is again the early editionof the Rumor Mill, so it is very feasible that a night edition happens againthis time. I'll see what I can do about that. In this edition, I have somemore new N64 rumors, some Raine information as well as somemore Meka (the new still un-released SMS emulator). Also, I will coverlast weeks Rumor Mill and examine what became a reality and whathas changed or died since then. So let's get started.
Rumor has it that yet another N64 emulator is in development. Ihave been told about this from different sources, so it seems to bevery true, but I can't say much about it. What you may know is thata very well known emu personality is working on it. You'll know whenit comes out, if it comes out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as we'veseen other amazing pieces of work from him. I'll try to dig some moreon that, but this is just a rumor. I wouldnt hold my breath on this one.
However, I would hold my breath on what I've been hearingabout Raine. The page will be updated soon, but I've been scoopedwith the news about some more games being added for the next release.Expect to see some Taito fighting games added. Pics will be posted inthe page this week, possibly even today. I'm looking forward to those.
Latest news I've received are from Meka.This is an astounding SMS emulator I've been playing with since itsfirst steps. However, Zoop, the author, has been lacking motivation torelease this emulator. Still, what I consider a great idea, he will bereleasing a 'Cartridgeware version' which basically works like shareware,but instead of paying money, users may send a cartridge, I think SMS cart,which is probably lying around somewhere in your closet, right? I thinkit's a fair trade. Dont worry though, rumor has it that the public versionwill not be crippled either.
Now, on to last weeks Rumor Mills:

  • Sega CD Emulator : No more info just yet, I'll try to get more soon.
  • Sega 32X Emulator : Ditto.
  • Raine new Z80 games : No official news yet, expect it very soon.
  • Meka SMS Emulator : News made public shortly after Rumor Mill.
  • Reality 2 : Name discarded possibly because of the fake one thatappeared around the net. However, dont count RealityMan out yet, hemade a statement following the Rumor Mill in which he states that hewill probably release a new N64 emu at Emulators Unlimited.
  • M72 : No more news as of yet. Maybe more tonight.
  • Cage : I received another beta, and its darn fast!. Still noofficial word as to whether it'll be public or for sale.
  • JAS-SYS1 : Came out on friday as mentioned.
  • EmuNews : Came back during the weekend as mentioned withits new URL as

    Well, that's it for now. I will try to gather some rumors for anotheredition of the Rumor Mill if I can. It may not be possible since I don'thave a whole lot of content for it, but if I gather more during the day,it'll be there. Thanks for reading!

    One Article Up: Virtual Boy Emulator News
    One Article Down: Meka ported to Windows!

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