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Week In ReView / Rumor - March 15,1999 by JoseQ
The Week In ReView is finally back! These past twoweeks has been kind of hell for me in regards to the server. I'm glad that is all history. As always, hereis the list of articles I'll ReView, and in the end, one cool Rumor that may probably beat the Rumor Mill onwednesday, so I'll mention it here tonight. It hasbeen an interesting past few days, so let's get started.
Since the Week In ReView script covers the last sevendays there were updates at EmuViews, I'll cover just that,even if it goes back to the 5th of March in which the Snes9X source codewas released to the public. This was something a lot ofpeople were expecting since Snes9X is one of the biggestand better SNES emulators out there.
Another first time release was Sunset64 on March 6th. This was the birth of a new Nintendo 64 emulator. Thisemulator was crippled on release, so RSP wasn't working.Maybe they'll enable it for a future release.
Yet another debut happened on March 6th. This time itwas the first release of DePAM,which is a new Neo Geo CD emulator. This was more of a testdrive so that people would know if the emulator could readtheir CDs on their CD-ROMs.
Matt was kind enough to announce to us the bleem-a-thonthat would take place this past weekend. Since then, thebleem Page was updatedand we will see a lot of information from it very soon.
That very same day, EmuNews World wasborn as well. The site re-design from Jim Pragit wasfinally finished and the grand opening revealed a whole slewof plans for the site, which has been growing at a steadyrate ever since. If you've been there, you know what I mean,they keep adding a new page every day, and that should goon for the next few months.
The following day, Marat Fayzullin released version 1.5 of Virtual Boy. As usual, this version was released toregistered users, although some Unix flavor binariesare made available right away.
Also on Sunday, which is when the problems began, MAME 0.35b5 wasreleased. Only three games were added in this releasethough, but apparently marked the trend that has probablybeen proved today, that Nicola wants to release weeklybuilds once again. It's been three sundays in a row.
Following very closely, the same as the previous Sunday,a new Shark wasreleased. This was version 3.0c which added supportfor Rally Bike among others things that were fixed. Unfortunately, that day I took the ROMs server home toprepare it to become the main SpeedHost server.
Then I had to go offline for a couple of days sincemy providers were afraid my new system could cause themsome trouble. Coming back on March 11th, I reported mostof the news that occured while the site was down. Namely, a PSEmu Plugin Update in which Lewpy updated the PSEmu Page tellingabout the new plugin releases and where to look for thelatest news in PSEmu Pro development.
Also, Ricardo Bittencourt made version 1.18.2 of BrSMS available to the public. In the usual fashion, Ricardomade the latest version available to the public one weekafter releasing it to registered members. This versionintroduced SG1000 emulation and fixed a couple of problemsas well.
As we've noted in the last couple of releases, the MAME32 team have been awful fast in getting the Windowsport up to date. They released MAME32 version .35b5 to the scene. Kudos to the MAME32 team as they'vebeen doing awesome work not only in getting the port up todate, but at offering icon packs for the GUI that looksincredible!
While the site was off, Snes9X 1.18d for DOSwas released. This is the port Telekawaru takes care of,and that he did. This version also includes the greatGUI we all love.
I decided to post a Message from the Editor explaining why most of the ROM links wouldn'twork, as well as why there was no Rumor Mill or Week InReView last week, at least there were none as scheduled,but the Rumor Mill didmake a late appearance. Better late than never is what Isay. I just found out, the image links to Pon Poko Don were broken, so I fixed them. Go there to look at this nicelooking game.
In probably the only bad news of the week, Lazarus decided toclose its doors definitely this time. After almosttwo years of service, they chose to close the site. Notall the details were made inmediately available, but theysaid we should expect to see them early next month.
A new RockNES was released on the 13th, with Save State support,Super Mario Reset bug fixed as well as some other goodiesincluded in the release file.
Zoop, author of the unreleased Meka, updated thestatus of Mekaso that we could all keep up to pace with the developmentprocess of this strange emulator. Strange in the sensethat we've seen a lot of it, but yet, we havent been ableto play it. I have a very juicy rumor about this, but thatone will wait until Wednesday.
One of the biggest sites in emulation, Emu24X, moved to Classicgaming. So if you were looking for where thesite moved to, you just follow the links, and you'll getthere. It's indeed a great site, with a lot of originalcontent.
The 50th E-Mail Warwas published yesterday. This edition put Zophar ofZophar's Domain on the stand to answer a couple ofquestions about the scene. Very interesting to readthe opinion of the owner of one of the oldest sites around. A must read.
Earlier today, Bryan McPhail submitted a Caveman Ninja driver to MAMEDEV. This is another great looking game fromData East, however, I believe it's a little hardware intensive, so expect to use Frameskip unless you have onecool piece of hardware. This was not included in today'sMAME releasewhich marked the third release we get in consecutiveSundays. This one added the Cinematronics game contributed by Aaron Giles, Zonn Moore, Jeff Mitchell and Neil Bradley as well as the new Williams games submitted by MichaelSoderstrom of MAME32 fame, and lastly Pontoon added byZsolt Vasvari.
Right around the same time MAME was released, NO$GMB 2.1 wasreleased and made available for download here. This isa fast Gameboy emulator coded in ASM for your pleasure.It has support for Color Gameboy, Game Genie and most of thethings you can think of, including Stereo Sound.
And the latest article posted before the Week In ReViewwas the news about more games beingadded to Raine. In this Raine Page update, news aboutTNZS, Arkanoid 2 and Insector X being the latest additionto the emulator. More Rumors about this emu possible in thenext Rumor Mill.
I promised you a Rumor in here didn't I? Well, if youscrolled right down to the bottom without reading anythingelse, then you missed it. Nah, I'm kidding. I've been hearing around dark corners of the scene, that one ofthe most talked about emulators in recent times, might seethe light of day within two days. If you think you've heardenough about bleem, thenyou will probably hear a lot more this week. As I stated,this was a Rumor I heard somewhere, but the source was pretty good, and the bleem-a-thon is part of history already,so a release should be forthcoming. Be prepared and ifyou don't own a Playstation, have that Blockbuster cardhandy, cause I for one, will use it when the demo comesout.
Well that's it for this edition of the Week In ReView.I'm glad I was finally able to write one for you. Thanksfor all the notes I've received with suggestions for thedaily features, they have been all taken into considerationand don't be surprised if you see the feature you asked fortake over one of the days of the week. Thanks for reading!

One Article Up: Pac-X 0.2!
One Article Down: More games to Raine!

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