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The Rumor Mill - March 17,1999 by JoseQ
Once again, and this time right on schedule, the RumorMill brings you the latest, and most obscure news fromthe emulation scene. Well, some might call them vapor, butthey are for sure interesting to know. So, the people whoe-mailed me were right, I don't think I can gather enoughrumors for a bi-weekly Rumor Mill. So Wednesdays it'll be,and pardon the shortness of this edition, but I didn't haveseven days to gather news, and I guess I'll never get tiredof saying this, but damn, I've been too busy. Never mindall that crap, let's get on with the rumors.
Some rumors from the Retrocade front. I've heard from verytrustworthy sources, that one of the classic capcom games,will make it into the next release. 1942 has apparentlybeen added to the line up. That's not all, a couple ofmore goodies will also be present at release time. That'sall I can say for now though.
From Snes9X, atleast on the DOS side. Most people have been looking forcheats, and e-mailing the authors about how to find them. Well, they'veheard you, and your queries have been answered. Come thenext version, a cheat finder will be included. Just waitsome more and be patient, you'll have them soon enough.
Some Rumors from the Shark in the waters. It appearsone of the most recent additions to MAME and Raine, namelyTNZS, will make it into the next release of this emulator. But that won't be all. Another great game is in the processof being emulated by it, and by what I've read, it seemsit'll be quite good to play.
Unfortunately, what I've heard on the System16 front is thatNao has been awfully quiet lately. We've been waiting toget a new version of both System 16 and M72, but apparentlyit'll be some time before we're pleased. Still, they'reboth looking good, and I'm definitely looking forward tosome news about that.
MAME news? Well, not all is in the MAME WIP Page, you know? I've heard interesting rumors, thatone of the already InterViewed here MAMEDEVs will be takingon the task of emulating Gaplus, that shooter game thateverybody loves and wants in MAME. You will know who it issoon enough, as I'm confident he'll get it working prettysoon, then you'll read about it at the WIP Page.
Last Rumor, but certainly not least. Sources close tothe Meka author have heard that there's already a tentative releasedate on this great SMS emulator. The date is none other thanApril Fools day, so we will either be fooled, or surprisedon April 1st, as it might mark the date the SMS emulatoris born, and maybe more... I'll just leave it at that.
Well, that's pretty much it for this edition of theRumor Mill. Tune in next week, as I'll have yet more juicyrumors just for you. There's also a Rumor that The Views maymove to Thursdays due to another feature that fits betteron Tuesdays, so don't be surprised if another question popsup tomorrow. I'm glad to see that you guys didn't chooseto pay "Nothing" as your favorite amount to pay for ROMs,it wasn't even the second choice. Don't know what I mean?Stop by The Views. Thanks for reading!

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