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Week In ReView - March 21,1999 by JoseQ
The Week In ReView is here once again to recoup on whathappened in the last seven days in the scene. I'm surprisedthis past week was as slow as it was, pretty much nothingbig happened. Alas, nothing was expected, but it coulddefinitely have been more exciting than what we got. Here'sthe usual list of articles for thepast week. I guess also the fact that my ROMs server hasbeen offline for quite a while, also made this past weekor so seem a little more negative. The good news is, it'scoming back online pretty soon, so days should be brighterfrom then on forward. For now, lets just cover the restof the happenings during the week.
We started off we a couple of emulator releases, whichwas very good! The first one was the second release of Pac-X and followed the same day by the second release of JAS-SYS1. Both great emulators, I just tried them! Verycool stuff! Kudos to Mike Balfour and Jrok for theirrespective incredible work!
At the request of "saint", I posted some news abouthow to buildyour own Arcade Cabinet. Saint is trying to gather aknowledge base with information provided from people whohave been succesful at building their own Arcade Cabinets.Something too look into if you're interested in havingyour Arcade-Looking MAME machine at home.
I decided to start covering the releases of TOSBOX whichis a system level Atari ST emulator. Seems pretty nice,so I'm now following their releases and keeping you upto date with them.
The next day, virtually nothing happened. I justposted some EV News toreport that I was alive, and also to tell people aboutthe ROMs server, since I was getting so many mail notesabout the dead links, I had to do something. Unfortunately,it seems not too many people read my articles as I amstill getting them.
On Tuesday, I created a whole new section for EmuViews.This was initially made to be a Tuesday feature, but I thendecided to move it to Thursdays. The Views was bornand brought pretty good results as far as I could tell.Both sections gathered over 300 votes, which was more thanI expected. I'm still hoping for more in the next fewquestions. On Thursday, I re-instated The Views so that they would be a Thursday feature. NextThursday I will pop a new question.
Another article reported about the 51st E-Mail Warsat Emulators Unlimited. This edition put Marat Fayzullinon the stand talking about his emulators. I believe it'sa pretty good interview, specially for people who dislikeMarat because he charged for his work. A must read if youwant to get to know him.
RockNES Screenshots were continuously posted during the week.Cool news from that front updating us on new mappersworking almost every day. I suspect a release is near.
I decided to give my authors a link from the main pageto the ReViews area so I asked my visitors to goread some ReViews.There are 95 ReViews in that area for many popular andun-popular games, so you might want to go there just tohave a laugh about how bad games are, or to see if youshare the opinion of the ReViewers. I also want to onceagain congratulate my ReViewers as they do great workin keeping that page with updates regularly.
As it was expected, The Rumor Millwas published on Wednesday with various Rumors from allaround the scene. I've already gathered even more Rainerumors for next week, and I'm still waiting for some authorupdates. This next Rumor Mill should be pretty interesting.
What was really unexpected was a MAME Releaseright in the middle of the week. After three consecutiveSunday releases, Nicola released one right on Thursday.It seems there have been so many Core changes, Nicolais making releases to make sure he gets good bug reportsfrom the Message Boards. It is highly probable that oncethese bugs and changes get sorted out, that MAME willreturn to the once a week format of the beginning.
The Direct X version of Stella was released in version1.1x. This version introduced a bug for NT machines andwas updated during the weekend. The file was replaced inthe Emulators Page.
Emulatronia got the initial rights to releaseNeoGem whichin this release offered ZIP support, Auto-Frame skipsupport among other features and fixes. I also mentionedthat it is highly possible that I go back to hostingNeo-Geo ROMs.
A bleem Page update showed us viewers the benefits of Direct 3Drendering vs. regular software rendering. It is easy tofind the great differences in both types of renderings,and stay in awe until we can finally get a hold of it andplay it. We're all hoping for a release real soon.
Emu24X got the scoop on the very unexpected Psyke final release. What a lot of people thought to be long dead,made a final reappearence in it's final release beforegetting discontinued. We were happy and sad to see that,but a definitely cool upgrade from the previous release.
Telekawaru made an update to Snes9Xupdating the interpolation routines found in the emulator.This release was quickly posted in the Emulators Page foryou to download.
Well, that's all for this Week In ReView. I'm definitelyhoping we get a much more exciting week this time around, andit's difficult to think it won't be. It seems Retrocade willgo into Public beta testing pretty soon, so that should bea definite plus for the near future. I'll definitelykeep an eye on all the news this week, and you should keepan eye on EmuViews for new weekly features, as well as thatdarn ROMs server coming back up to server all your downloading needs, and maybe more... Thanks for reading!

One Article Up: Retro Radio 3/21
One Article Down: Snes9X Update!

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