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The Rumor ReView - March 23,1999 by JoseQ
How about this new feature for Tuesdays? The Rumor ReView is just about detailing pending Rumors and seeingwhat their status is. I will try to put a yay or nay onthose that the status have become official and publiclyavailable, and label as pending those that are stillunpublished. This will be done every Tuesday on acummulative basis. So this week we will cover the Rumorsfrom the previous week, and those that are left pending,will be covered in the next Rumor ReView. I hope youlike it, so let's get on with last weeks list:

  • 1942 coming to Retrocade and some more goodies-These have been proved to be true in recent days by a postingfrom Neil Bradley to the beta testing crew, and as laterconfirmed by Monroe World. The other goodies? Vulgus will also be playablein the next release. According to Neil Bradley, emulationis completely perfect! This Rumor is confirmed.
  • Snes9x Cheat Finder- I haven't heard a lot aboutit and the small update we had last week didn't mentionanything about it. The status on this Rumor is pending.
  • Shark getting TNZS and another great game- Thisrumor can't be confirmed just yet, although I did get itfrom a very reliable source. I hope we hear from thispretty soon so we can clear this up. Probably a releasesoon will help the purpose, what do you think? ThisRumor is also pending.
  • System16 & M72 resting?- This Rumor will obviously go into pending stateuntil we hear anything from Nao or Thierry Lescot. The pagehasn't been updated in a while. I'm desperately waitingto hear from one of them, and hopefully on the M72 frontwhich promised a great next release.
  • Gaplus going to MAME- Also pending, but I can certify that it is beingworked on. I will leave the status as is, until we seesome shots in MAME WIP or it's included in one of thereleases. So far, no such luck, but I'm positive we willbe playing Gaplus in MAME pretty soon. In the meantime,there's always JAS.
    Meka coming out on April 1st- I'm happy to saythis Rumor was confirmed at the Meka HomePage as Zoop promises a release on April 1st orApril 3rd which is Lance Mckay from EmuXpressfame.
    Certainly more pending rumors than confirmed ones, butthis is just the first edition. As we queue them up in thepipeline, we should be seeing more closings than openingssince they will be older Rumors. This just means that theRumors you read at the Rumor Mill are pretty much aheadof the press. At least none of these were proved to bevapor, so that's also a good sign. I hope you enjoyed thefirst edition of the Rumor ReView. Thanks for Reading!

    One Article Up: Compile MAME32 yourself!
    One Article Down: ROMs are back!

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