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The Rumor Mill - March 24,1999 by JoseQ
The Qman is here again to cover yet more Rumorsaround the emulation scene. Seems like this MAME releasehappened too early to be covered in here, but hey, I'vegot some more new and juicy stuff regarding your otherfavorite emulators as well. So let's just start digginginto the Rumor bag to see what's been happening in theunderground in the recent week. I think you'll be prettysatisfied with this edition.
First I've got some Rumors from the Raine front. Actuallyquite many of them. I've been informed that the next releaseof Raine, will have a good number of vertical shoot'em'upskind of games added. These games are also from Taito, andthey should be quite pleasing to the shoot'em'up fanslike myself. Given the power of Raine, those games shouldplay very good.
Also from the Raine front, it appears that someone hasvolunteered to take a shot at porting Raine to Unix. Thismeans that those of you running Linux, Solaris or maybeeven Irix may get a shot at one of the greatest emulatorsout there, definitely one with a very exclusive games list.
Yet more Raine rumors. There are signs of releasedates once again from this particular front. Consideringthe amount of games that have gone into it since the lastrelease, it may mean that a new version is forthcoming.I've been told however, that it is highly probable thatthe next public Raine may appear as soon as 10 days. Thismeans that by first weekend of April, we might be playingour Rambo fantasies and many other games. This comes froma highly reliable source by the way.
Well, some more Rumors regarding one of our neighboringsites, Emulators Unlimited. If you remember, not too long ago, UK's #1PC Gaming mag did a two page feature on emulation triggered byUltraHLE. It appears that there will be a much moredetailed article, covering from 5 to 6 pages, coveringa lot of subjects close to emulation. I've even heard thatthe mag crew visited The Fox to take a round of pictures.This should be coming in the next few months.
A long time ago I mentioned that a certain emulatorthat would work with very slow games that are alreadyin MAME, and featuring dynamic recompilation was in theworks. Well, here's an update on that. That project isstill very much alive. As many people have speculated, thegames that will be emulated are the Williams / Midwaygames (Smash TV, Mortal Kombat). The latest news is that thiswill not be a standalone emu, but instead, it's beingworked on to appear in one of the popular emulators around.Can't say which one. However, you must know, that thebenefits of dynamic recompilation are potentially veryhigh, depending on the CPU and its functions, but I wouldexpect pretty good results from this kind of optimizationin any particular example. This is very preliminary, sodon't expect to be surprised very soon, but indeed, youshould expect to be surprised eventually.
Some news from our friend, Matt Conte of Nofrendofame. His page may be out of Classic Gaming, but it willmake a comeback very soon, alongside a new release ofhis NES emulator. A Nofrendo 1.0 release is impending, "very impending" as I was told. I'll keep you posted onthis, as it appears this will be confirmed before nextTuesday's Rumor ReView.
Some not so good Shark news is that it has been restingwith no progress done to it in the last few weeks or so.So don't expect a release soon from this emulator.
To update you on the status of Gaplus and MAME. Adriver has been already submitted to the list, for thefinal touches. It is currently missing sound, and thecolor palettes need to be fixed. Sound seems to be verysimilar to an already fully emulated game, and it isjust waiting for someone with knowledge of the proms, totake a look at it and put the "Finished" stamp on it.
Well, that's pretty much it for this weeks edition. Ihope you liked it. This was probably one of the longestRumor Mills in recent times, which is pretty good, consideringthe lack of news we've had in the last few days. Rememberto tune in tomorrow for another question beingfeatured at The Views. Thanks for reading!

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