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Week In ReView - March 29,1999 by JoseQ
Well, to try to make Sunday nights more enjoyable, I'lljust sit down and write you the usual Week In ReView torecoupe on everything that happened in the last few days.Without going too much into detail, here's the usuallist of articles forthe past few days. That list details everything that wasposted in EmuViews for the past week, which I'm sad tosay it wasn't very action packed as some other weekswe've experienced. Nevertheless, it did have action, andit did have Rumors, so let's just talk about it now.
The first thing that happened during the week wasthe bi-weekly (or so), Retro Radiorelease for March 21st. This show features an interviewwith the main guy behind Retrocade, Neil Bradley as wellas the usual sections. This is a pretty long show I'msure you'll enjoy. Just grab your G2 Real Audio playerand head over there.
What most people had been waiting for a very long time,finally happened. bleem came outto try to please the unpleasable public. Mixed commentswere posted across the boards, saying that bleem wasn'tgood. Apparently people expected a complete product to shipas a demo. Please consider the author's perspective, as theyknow very well how the warez scene works. Crippling a program with a splash screen, or a timer, is somethingthat's easy to crack, so they had to literally leave features out of the code so that they could not beactivated. However, I do agree that a non-controllablewatch-only demo with D3D and Sound may have been enoughto make people drool. But I sincerely doubt that wouldhave please people either.
In an unexpected occurrence, the UltraHLE Page reopened to the public. While this doesn't mean thatanother version is coming out, it does open the issue tomuch speculation. Look for Wednesday's Rumor Mill to readeverything I will have found out by then on the subject.
In a happy and sad note, Jim Pragit closeddown Emu News World. Sad only because his site wasgreat, and it was on a great come back, but very happysince it meant the opportunity for Jim to get a new jobhe very much likes. Kudos to Jim on hosting one of thebest Emulation News sites around for a long time. He willbe missed.
On March 23rd, I decided to put the ROMs backsince many people were asking for them. I couldn't wait topost my new server, which is still not online, so I decidedto upload the load, and make it available once again. Thisinspired a new idea which will probably be revealed onthe Rumor Mill this week.
That same day, I opened a whole new feature for Tuesdays. The Rumor ReView wasborn. This is where pending Rumors from previous Rumor Millswill be ReViewed so I can give you the status on them. Itis the place were I will put a yay or nay on Rumors, orjust say hey, it's still pending. We'll see Rumors accumulate there until the truth is revealed.
A new site was created by Mike Haaland that can helpyou compile your own MAME32. Obviously you need some Windows developmenttools, but all in all, if you've got what it takes, you'llbe able to create your own MAME32 binary from the MAME DOSsource.
As if Nicola was listening to the building story, hecame around and released the MAME 0.35 beta 8 source to the public. It was quickly built by Sharon,and handed to me for posting. This was a big release eventhough it followed the previous one just by seven days.The SNK driver was a big addition.
The Rumor Mill madeits way up as usual on Wednesdays. Lots of Raine rumorsas well as everything I could dig up from the undegroundin the emulation scene. I will ReView those new rumorsnext Tuesday on the Rumor Review.
Then the also recently created section, The Views wasupdated with the question for the past week. The opinionon what should emulation authors work on was postedby many of you. It appears that game optimization andbug squashing were by far the favorite options.
On Thursday I decided to put a pointer up to theMAME WIP pageas it had been updated with numerous screenshots anddriver information. This was also the first look atGaplus running on MAME, which by the way, it's prettymuch ready for action now.
A new bleem demowas also released to fix a couple of bugs. This was alsoa time limited demo with no D3D support, but with bettercompatibility than the one which was previous released.
Early Saturday morning, I posted about the Official MAME32 release for beta 8 of MAME 0.35. MAME32 jumped a fewversions but it is now up to date with the DOS development.
A new TOSBOX was releasedalbeit using the same version number as the previous one.TOSBOX is an Atari ST emulator.
Zoop was kind enough to slap a date on the Meka release. Everything points to an April 3rdrelease which is less than a week away. I know I can'twait as I've heard more exciting things than you have...Maybe Zoop will let me spoil you guys at the Rumor Mill.
Early on Sunday, Jamsponge released a new betaof HU6280 which hasn'tchanged version number in quite a while now. It stillkeeps getting better and better though.
Last but not least, Mike Stulir published a new versionof Back in Timewhich is a cool show you can listen over theInternet. Cool interviews and the such usually populatehis show.
Well, that's it for this Week In ReView. The serverwent down just an hour ago because of an Electricalfailure at the facilities, so I had to drive over justas I was writing this. Everything should be OK now as Iinstalled a much needed UPS, so that should never happenagain. This week, it seems we will see a couple of coolthings, including some surprises, so be prepared!

One Article Up: The Rumor ReView
One Article Down: Back In Time

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