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The Rumor ReView - March 30,1999 by JoseQ
Well not much went on on Monday, so why not do a RumorReView very early on Tuesday? As I explained last week,this feature is set to cover every pending Rumor fromthe previous Rumor Mills, as well as the newly mentionedones from the prior week. The Rumors will probably beaccumulated for a while, so it is here that we will keeptrack of them. So let's start with the pending ones fromlast weeks ReView:
  • Snes9X Cheat Finder- is still pending as I haven't heard anything fromthe Snes9X people in quite a while. Hopefully this willbe resolved soon.
  • Shark getting TNZS and other great game- ispretty much pending. However I did get a status fromthe Dead Serious Clan in which they stated that Sharkhas been pretty much resting still for the past few weeks,so don't expect a release soon.
  • System16 & M72 resting is also pending. Therehave been no news provided by the authors of these emulatorsfor a while, so it seems the rumor is pretty much true though. Let's just wait one more week before we dismiss it.
  • Gaplus going to MAME- was confirmed this past week when the driverscreenshots were posted at the MAME WIP Page. It is pretty much ready to be included in thenext release which will hopefully happen in the nextfew days since some other drivers have been submittedas well.

    Now to the Rumors presented on last week's Rumor Mill.

  • Raine getting shoot'em'ups- is officially pending as nothing has beenposted at the Raine page to make it official. But I canassure you this rumor came from one of the highest sourcesin that front.
  • Unix Raine- is pendingso far, since we've heard no news about it. I'll keep youposted on the status of that, as it seems nothing have comeup from it as of yet.
  • Raine for this weekend- Will it Raine thisweekend? Let's leave this one pending as it can only be confirmed witha possible release then. Let's just be a little patientabout it.
  • UK's Gaming Mag doing a feature on EU- It'sobviously pending since thearticle is not supposed to come out until a month ortwo from now.
  • Dynamic Recompiling Williams Emu- No wordhas been mentioned about the status on this Emu, otherthan some results I've overheard around the net. I'lltry to dig some more info on this for the Rumor Milltomorrow. This Rumor is currently pending.
  • Nofrendo 1.0- Although the author told me Nofrendo 1.0 was impending, we still haven't seen thelikes of it. Hopefully, it'll come out fairly soon sowe can change this Rumor from pending to confirmed.
    So that's about it for this issue of the Rumor ReView.As you can see, the list of Rumors will keep growing fromweek to week, until they start clearing up. The lifecyclefrom Rumor to reality is usually more than a week, so don'tbe discouraged by the amount of pending Rumors in the list.And also be assured, that on tomorrow's Rumor Mill, I willhave some new ones to add here. Thanks for reading!

    One Article Up: MAME 0.35 beta 9!
    One Article Down: Week In ReView

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