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Lord_13 explains his Views - June 10,1998 by JoseQ
Lord_13 is the person in #mame who makes you go hmmm... He is just theregular guy, but somehow he gets the scoop on MAME happenings since heis part of the Mame Development mailing list. It was his actual request tobe InterViewed and of course we asked a few Q's and he sent a few A's. Interestingones you will see. Read on...

1. Have you noticed a recent growth in MAME popularity? If so, whydo you think it happened? Do you think this is good or bad for theEmulation Scene?

Yes! People all over where I go know what it is, and sometimes they bring itup before I do. And get this, a lot are females! I think this is of coursedue to MAME getting all sorts of media attention. Both good and bad IMO.All the sites that stick around are really showing more hits, especially onesmentioned on TV. I remember when Atmospherical Heights was SLAMMED when C|netgave out the url! Poor delite. I miss him. He always answered his mail,even when I was lame and wouldn't figure out why DK was showing double on mymonitor.:) Here's a guy that had THE site for sometime, and he had his egoin check all the while. Very cool person. I was sad when it slowed downnear the end, and then did end.

2. What do you foresee for the future of MAME? (Short-run)

Things you'd never expect to see in MAME. There's already laser disc games.And w/ Dynamic Palette, slow games will become faster. Then there's ASMcores, already in (the Williams sound chip 6808). Only logical more will beadded soon. Then again, everyone in a year or so, assuming they upgrade atall normal rates, will have systems that will run everything near 100%speed-wise. I myself just yesterday got a p166 cpu for $25. For the priceof a few new PC games, you can upgrade nicely nowadays. Of course, speed isnot a goal in MAME. Preserving the games. Which reminds me. I remembersomeone dissing MAME, and calling it just a documentation project, andbasically it wasn't a REAL emulator. This person was bitter as though MAMEstole his games, because he did these games first. Well, 2 words come tomind: green and bitter.:) This guy couldn't wipe Nicola's #@% on his bestday. Anyways, I know someday I'll get 100% on say, SF2. The point is, it'sthere. I prefer the pre-90 stuff though myself. Wow, I really rambled,didn't I?:)

3. Do you think it should split up?

If you mean, a MAME w/ old games, and one w/ newer stuff, NO. That wouldjust make it more of a pain to maintain. Nicola REALLY knows how to handleeverything. He's really professional, as are the others. But, Nicola is areal leader. He also loves showing how stuff is done, and explaining it.It's really amazing. I mean, he added 40 (all from various people, not justhimself) new ROM sets in just a week a couple of betas ago recently. He mustread over 100 emails a day. Sure, alot of people get ALOT of mail, but Idoubt they read as many as Nicola does. He can take a driver thats buggy,and has the author stumped, and return it to the dev list DONE in just a fewhours. He has to be the most talented guy going today in emulation. Onlymakes sense he just so happens to be the father of the most famous emulator.

4. Do you think Betas should be public?

Yes. I didn't like it at first, but I think it's a great idea. The team canget bug reports from people they normally wouldn't reach. I often see msgsposted on the list that are forwarded to it. And people can make changes,and get added to the list, which is of course good! Also, it keeps thelamers' mouths shut. Remember this past Xmas? Good God...

5. What do you see for the future of MAME in the long run? Willit reach a moment where it will cease development? Why yes or why no?

It will ALWAYS go on. Since the source is available, someone can pick it up,if Nicola decided to end it (well, his offical one). As you know, there arealternate versions. As long as there are arcade games being made, MAME willgo on. There are PSX emu's already. So, it's possible MAME could do somePSX games (like Tekken - ran on PSX hardware in the 'cades). I don't see itending. I would like all the pre-90 stuff done first, before the newerstuff. Also, the old stuff can be harder to do, due to of lackdocumentation. Alot turns up, but alot doesn't (like w/ Nova 2001). I amsure I could get SF2 schematics in a half hour if I needed them. Could Ifind a Death Race 2000 docs that fast? HAHAHAHAHahha.

6. What do you think about ROM distribution? How will it end up,warez-like, or freeware-like?

Both I think. It seems only Nintendo really cares about there old stuff,even though they never do classic comp. games or anything. So, if you lookhard enough, you'll find DK easy, while ROMs like Venture will also befree-ware most likely.

7. Do you feel people that play emulated games are in fact causingmoney losses to game companies? (Considering more recent game emulatorslike Callus and upcoming CPS2 emulator)

I'm sure Capcom is pissed, as they are doing comp CDs w/ 1942 etc on them.Actually, they are one of the few smart companies that see the $$$ in this.But, what can they REALLY do? Only threaten sites w/ ROMs. The emusthemselves are a little grey, but most agree OK. Then, it will just go thewarez route.

8. What do you think about console emulation?

I am sick of seeing new NES emus everyday.:) I think they are cool, but notas exciting as MAME, or arcade emulation in general. When you first playedJoust, did you ever think you'd own it??? Alot of people have consoles. Andas for the newer consoles being done, they won't hurt companies till they areas good as the real thing, which is a ways to go. But then, all of a sudden,PC users w/o a console can have one free, so they may then in turn actuallybuy the software (PS emus I could see this happening). I know for a fact,Genecyst and other emus like it, have gained ALOT of new fans, that theydidn't have when they were new, in their real forms.

9. In your opinion, which is the biggest piece of work in the world ofEmulation, and why? Which is second best?

MAME. Not the first emu, but it did put emulation on the map. It's a truevideo game mueseum. It also has a WIDE audience. People who hate games playit even, for say Galaga (girls love it for some reason). Second best? Thatcould be a 3 or 4 way tie. ALOT of good stuff out there. Rage is cool, cuzit fills a good niche. Callus is brilliant, although the games are not trueclassics - yet. Retrocade will be a hit w/ people who have a system thatcan't handle some of MAME's games. It would also be a hit for the hardcorevector fans, since it will do overlays, and some games MAME doesn't have yet(Star Castle for instance). The rest of the year should be incredible!.

10. As a #mame op[erator] and frequent visitor, what can you tellpeople that are into emulation but not into IRC?

Weird question. Tell them about IRC? It's a waste of time. Hahahah.Seriously though, it's fun to chat live w/ your favorite emu personalities.It's also fun to see all the different types of people. When #mame was#mamegames, it was the best when everyone would gather on Mondays, hoping fora new release. Very cool.

11. With your site that gets over 600 hits a day, you should geta lot of "lame" mails, dont you? Whats your way to deal with them?

Heh. You serious? You talk as though that's a lot. First of all, when I amactive on the site, I get decent hits. Not anywhere like DVGC, but more thanI ever thought I would get. I go off and on with my WWW stuff. Right now, Iam excited, due to some new ideas I have. Anyways, it's best to ignore thelamer mail, because they want to get SOME sort of reaction from you. I got anasty one once, that I _HAD_ to reply to. Fake reply address. I didn'tbother tracking him, even though ANYTHING can be tracked. Just wasn't worthit. Sometimes, they get authors to quit. Well, that's just victory forthem. This happens when you make something good. There is ALWAYS someonewanting to ruin it. I guess when you get harassed like that, it means you'vemade it.:)

12. How do you differentiate lamers from newbies? Do they get differentconsiderations?

Heh. Someone isn't lame unless they claim they read the docs, and stillcan't run it properly. A newbie is often someone just too excited, and can'tthink straight sometimes.:) But, lamers can also be knowledgable, and stillcause trouble. Heck, there's even well known WWW authors/emu authors thatare lame if you think about it.

13. How long have you been maintaining your site? What have been the goodthe side and bad side about having it?

About a year. I like providing info to the masses. Sometimes though, it canbe a REAL job. That's what I don't like. So I try to concentrate on justMAME. When it seems more like a chore than a hobby, I back off. I reallyadmire some of the guys who can really keep up.

14. What is your personal message (no funky language please) to the IDSA?

I don't really have one. I got one for those who are vocal a lot about themthough. The more you complain, the more they will look down upon emulation.Whether we like it or not, Nintendo has EVERY right to do what they aredoing. It will become a problem if CD sales with ROMs + MAME are on them.I've heard alot of reports already, even around here in Southeastern MI. atcomputer shows. Next time I go to a show (it's been YEARS), I will complainto whoever runs the whole thing. They WILL pull those off.:)

15. What would be Nirvana (Perfection) for you in the world of Emulation?

I am not a greedy person I don't think.:) Alot would say an emu that playsALL arcade games, but I would be happy w/ one that did all the pre-'88stuff. And full speed of course. That will take a long time, if it everhappens.

16. Special messages to people? Developers? Readers alike? Webmasters?Website killers?

Heh. I can't swear right?:) Delite, where are you? Thanks Nicola forhaving me on the list. Thanks to Neil Bradley and Mike Cuddy for allowing meon the Retrocade list. Best of luck! Sardu - join the MAME team!!!:) Andlastly, someone add in the Exerion backgrounds (just kidding).

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