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Week In ReView - June 06,1999 by JoseQ
With rumors of a Raine release that could happen veryvery soon, I feel I should get down to write the Week In ReView before all hell breaks loose. All in all, this pastweek was pretty eventful with a couple of highlights thatmade it very worthwhile. So following the List of Articles from thebottom up, I'll start reviewing all the news updatessince May the 30th.
We started with an SMS Power releaseof the "Flinstones" game for the Sega Master System. I didnt have the opportunity to ever see this game, andhaven't had the chance to play it now, but others havesaid it is not a very good game. However, knowing howopinions vary, it might be worth a shot if you have thetime.
Quite a good Meka Updatewhich included a lot of improvements that might be seenin the next release of the emulator. To this date, wedon't know if a release is near or not. I feel onerelease should be close to happening however.
In what seems to be great news towards further development of the System16 emulators, Thierry Lescot releasedthe System16 source and bartman released his port source code making both versions of System16 open source. Noword has surfaced from developers taking on System16 development, but MAMEDEV did surface some action on thesubject signaling the addition of some of the games thatare supported in System16 and lacking in MAME. More onthat as it develops.
On May 31st, while I was out of town, Hot Rod news included theofficial availability of their product along with newsof them gathering permission to release some Capcom ROMswith the sticks. So not only would you be buying a greatpiece of hardware, which I ReViewed and gave a fullpair of thumbs up, but you would also get legal accessto play Capcom ROMs in your computer.
As promised, June 1st allowed me to free access to the ROMs whichhad been forbidden for a while. Not only are they easilyaccessible now, but the speed limiters I had previouslyare also gone. Everything has been going perfectly evenwith no speed limits, so unless the site grows tremendouslyin visits, then downloads shall remain quick and fast foreveryone.
Mike Stulir released a new version of Back in Time,another retrogaming related real audio show. This wasfollowed later in the week by Shane's Live Retroradio showwhich was awesome to say the least.
Hu-Go saw a upgrade to version 0.94 during the week as well. As usual, some improvements and fixes in this new release.
One of two different Raine updates during the week,included the addition of Chase H.Q. to the emulator, and later on the addition of two more games whichby the way, also included another review of the Hot Rodbased on my experience with Raine.
If you like your Playstation controllers so much, youmay be able to hook them up to your PC using PSX2PC which is a combinationof hardware and software that will allow you to use itas if it were a regular joystick.
KGB got some news regarding theaddition of an Eagle-like system for its emulator whichenhanced the quality of the video by doing real-time interpolation. Since Gameboys have a very low resolution, this definitely helps take the blockiness out of the picture.
A very silent update to BrSMS happened with the release of version 1.21 which includedno update on the page, except for the link to the downloadable file.
I wanted to plug my ReViews area growth since thanksto my many ReViewers, it has continued to grow slowly butsurely gathering over 100 ReViews in the year or so it hasbeen around.
Having missed the Rumor ReView since I was on planesand automobiles the whole day on Tuesday, a Rumor Mill made its usualappearance on Wednesday. This edition included rumorsfrom the usual sources regarding MAME and HiVE.
A cool Amiga site opened duringthe week. I'm sure you will enjoy it if you're a bigfan of this great computer.
Another SMS Power releasehappened during this week. This time, a SG-1000 versionof H.E.R.O. was released to the public. Fans of thisgame on other platforms may want to see what that ROMhad to offer.
A very weird controversy happened when Zophar's Domainwas hacked and some very weird news were being posted.Read what I wrote aboutZSNES being sold to AOL and then not being sold when Ifound out it was fake news.
I was glad to make After Burneravailable for download. Even though it is not playable inthe latest release of System16, maybe someone can eventually get it to work considering the emulator is nowopen source, and this game has quite a strong following. With the emulator you may be able to see the demo, butthe 3D background never shows up.
The Snes9X Windows Port wasreleased yesterday making use of the latest core available. This had been awaited for a long time and it was finallydelivered making lots of people very happy!
A new version of JFF wasreleased also yesterday with support for three games, oneof which I had played a lot when I was young but hadtotally forgotten. JFF is getting some good games thatare un-emulated elsewhere, worth a look!
Nemu announced earlier today that it will go back to being public. Weare all very glad to hear that public releases shouldstart happening once again, although nobody knows when.
Two news articles regarding Robbie Rotto, which authorJay Fenton made publically available so that playing it with an emulator isperfectly legal. Then ManBeast interviewed him in a very good e-mail war as usual. You might wantto read it even if you know nothing about the game orthe author.
Well that was it for this week! Luckily we will see anew Raine within an hour or so if rumors are true!

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One Article Down: E-Mail Wars #57

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