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Betraying Emulation... - June 09,1999 by SAV2880
SAV2880 is an independent writer for EmuViews
I got home last night and signed onto my favorite hangout on IRC, thatbeing #retrogamers on the EfNet network (I recommend it, but know I'mbiased!). I got there a little tired, a little frustrated, maybe lookingfor the topic of the night, and seeing what was going on.
That night, Tuesday night, was also just hours after we learned finallyfor sure that PSEmu had been discontinued due to the leaking of the beta.This said, when I entered the channel, I heard some of the most disturbingtalk I have ever heard on there. Regulars, SITE-OPS (Not JoseQ who is oneof the best emulation supporters out there, no bullcrap), people who areprominent, if you want to term it that way, BLAMING THE AUTHOR!! Saying theauthor (who is anonymous for this new beta if you didn't know), "had itcoming" that the beta would be leaked, that he should expect and APPLAUDthat this beta was leaked, that people in emulation generally suck, that itwould help everything for this author's hard work to be leaked before itstime. This has to be the worst trend I have ever seen in the realm ofemulation, not because it is renewing an age-old debate like, Old games vs.New Games, or Next-Gen versus Classic systems, which inspire people to haveopinions and talk about the games they love to play. These horribly wrongopinions are showing complete and total disrespect to the author's work onthis emulator, and I'll be very frank and harsh about it, anyone who feelsthat way, that this is such a wonderful day that it got leaked, should lookin the mirror and ask themself why they are a part of emulation again.
The day the emulation community lost the respect it had for the peopledoing the coding is of course unknown, but it seems to be here. I won'tbore you with references to the "good old says" a couple years back whenPSX emulation was laughed upon, but that time did have something thecurrent time doesn't: a total respect for the authors of the emulators.Maybe people were just too busy enjoying Super Mario world in 16 shades ofyellow to care that no one thought up Game Genie support yet, or addingscanlines to make it look more authentic. But, somehow between then andnow, and of course new technology and emulation of later and greater thingshas brought this on as a side-effect, fringe sites such as EmuAllianceand Emulation Irelandhave decided thatthey don't give a flying sh!t what the authors think, and they're releasingPRIVATE betas of programs for their own notoriety. While the mainstreamsites, this one included, have great respect for the work of the emulationprogrammer, and always exchange in a friendly and fair competition for yourvisiting pleasure, these sites cross the line, and give a great big "f*ckyou" to the authors. As far as I'm concerned, whoever is involved witheither one of these sites could die a painful death and leave emulation,and we would rejoice, cause their actions and utter disrespect of emulationhave caused the end of a wonderful project.
And what's worse ... people believe that this is a good thing! You have tolook at it from the view of the programmer of the code, who puts blood,sweat and tears (and I know a couple of them, saying it's not easy wouldnot tell you how hard the code is to write ... ask Randy from Bleem!) Howis not honoring the author's request a good thing? How is BETRAYING theauthor's trust and leaking private code a good thing? Simply put, it's not,and anyone who thinks it's even remotely good should walk away fromemulation now ... we don't want you, we're not interested in your selfishwants for page hits or whatever. Emulation can be about whatever you wantit to, depending on your system of choice. You can follow it for NES justas easily as you can for N64 emulator. But for goodness sake, let's returnto looking at these authors as respected people, who are giving yousomething they don't (and never should) have to ... an amazing program free.
I'd like to offer another request ... send the author of your favoriteemulator some fan mail ... tell 'em you like their product, throw an ideaor two their way about what you'd like to see (and please, someone nicelye-mail Marat and tell him that we would love to see real music along withthe MIDI he uses in his emulators). If you even think about sending hatemail to an emulation author, cancel the message, visit one of the two pagesabove and tell the site-ops of EmuAlliance and Emulation Ireland exactlywhat you think about what they've done ...
And I myself want to thank Zoop of Meka fame, JoseQ, this channel'ssite-ops, atila of Retrogames, and all of the people in #classicemu,another great chat channel that occasionally even stays on-topic ...they've shown me there are some good guys left in emulation today, someguys that give a sh!t about the authors, the people who play the games,about everyone ... they've lifted my spirits lately, as sometimes with allof the slamming, hatred, and just plain bad feelings between people, itain't easy to be positive in emulation, but hopefully between you, thereader, and myself, that can improve.

Oh yeah, and go play Atari 2600 Tennis ... tell me that game is NOTseriously rigged. :)

Thanks for your time, send me your feelings at and on IRCat #classicemu and #retrogamers on EfNet.

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