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Exclusive InterView Thierrys Last Words - June 12,1998 by JoseQ
Thierry Lescot, our first InterViewee ever, and the person in a very bigpart for putting us on the map has resigned from Emulator coding, in particularfrom his very own System16. Read on in this last Exclusive InterView onthe reasons for his retirement as Thierry elaborates on yesterdays messageon the System 16 Home Page.

1. Without beating around the bush... Can you numberthe reasons why you're leaving System16? What was theissue that made you be sure about your decision?

I decided to leave the project for several reasons :1. I'm very tired, my job takes lot of time, add to this 3 hours of trainingeach day and you can imagine the free time I have (I need to sleep and eatalso ;) !
2. I want to spare more time with my family, my cat and my TV :)
3. I'm also tired to read all these boring mails, they are always the samelike 'where can I get rom for game x', 'I have a problem, there is no soundin moonwalker', 'add this, add that, give me this, give me that' STOP! Ihave more interesting things to do than answering all these lamers's mailthat can't read a doc !
4. why so many peoples are complaining about a totally free product ?
5. I have two very good successors (Nao & Bartman) :)

2. Are you going to be working in a new Emulator oris this the end of Emulation in your life?

No, I'm not working anymore on any emulator, I left the System 16 projectbut I also left the MAME and soon the Retrocade beta team.I'll continue to use emulators, but no more work on them.

3. How many people have already asked you not toleave?
Many :)

I'm receiving a lot of mails right now from very friendly peoples saying megoodbye, good luck or asking me to continue. Like I said on my pages, it'sforever now. But thanks anyway for all your mails friends.

4. What big a part have lame e-mail taken in pusingyou over the top?

A big part.
Look the last mail I received from, the only text : "Youare a stupid fuck you bitch, kiss my ass pig"

5. Are you leaving your legacy to Nao or is theresomeone else to take your place?

Li Jih Hwa (Nao) and Bartman will continue. Expect a new release of the DOSversion but only the Windows version will be supported and in a near futur,the DOS port will be abandonned and only Win95 port will be released.

6. How long have you been thinking about ceasingdevelopment for S16? Did you come to the decision lightlyor do you in part feel hurt?

A long time, but when I received the previous mail, it was the Click!

7. Is your leaving definite, or simply moving to a verlimited contribution every now and then? (ver=very)

Definite but remember that the project continue with Nao.

8. Do you think the System16 will rather continue inits Windows inception or the DOS original version?

Both for now, and only Windows later.

9. Was the windows port part of the reasons that madeyou drop the DOS version?

Not at all.

10. Will you be available to help anybody willing tofollow your footsteps?

Maybe, i'd like to see more people emulating Sega games, another emu for DOSwould be nice.

11. How about moving your knowledge to MAME's attemptto play Sega games? Will you be coding drivers now?

Argh! No more coding please, take to much time :)

11. Will the source be publicly available?

No, I don't want that. I can provide informations but not the sources.Before leaving I was working on a C version of the System 16 rederingroutines to allow port in other platforms but I stop that also, maybe Naowill continue. That engine is used in a second s16 emu with some s16 gameslike Shinobi or Aurail already playable in 64k colors mode. I can provide itto anyone but without Starscream (the 68000 emulator from Neill Corlett), ifthey want the 68000 emu, thay must ask it to Neill.

12. What things can the public do to maybe change your mind?

Offer me 1 billion dollars :)
just kidding :)
I'm leaving, final dot !

13. Do you think maybe some time away from the emulatorwill give new breath and hunger in your hands to go backand continue System 16 development?

14. What is the last message you want to send to the emulationcommunity?

Just two words .... Good luck ;)

There we have it folks. The final words from Thierry"Good Luck". We certainly thank him for eveyrthing he did for us EmuViewsand on behalf of the Emulation World we thank him for his phenomenal contributions.We will miss him very much, and hope the best for him in his new life. On a personalnote, to all hate mailers, "I hope you rot in hell, thank you :)".

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Name: Spooky Posted: Saturday, February 12, 2000 - (2:12)
Subject: I'm sadly surprised...
Finally I found some words of the System16 emu great father... but seems that the man was really annoyed with all..and deeply downhearted. Like we seen later, nor Nao nor Bartman continue development, unhappyly. What can us do? Just wait a miracle, maybe.
But the hope is the last to die. I believe someday somebody will achieve the goal of finish Thierry's works.:)

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