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The Rumor Mill - June 10,1999 by JoseQ
Updated!You thought I had forgotten didn't you? Well I did, butI remembered before the day was over. Well, today's Millis going to be a little different than usual, sinceI won't be talking about the regular MAME, HiVE andRaine topics. Well maybe MAME, but not in the usualcontext. Just read-on and find out what the Qman hasfound out in recent talks. Sit back and enjoy the ride...
This just in! There's a newgame lurking around and being added to two of your favoriteemulators. It's almost ready you shall see it pretty soon.The name of the game is "Demon's World" and you can seehere a couple of screenshots.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Well, first I must inform you of a completely new projectthat is nearing public light. Most of you have complainedabout the quality of today's games, and how "they don'tmake them like they use to". Then you play Galaga and youthink about level-editors where you could pick up thesprites and make them look better with your favoriteimaging programs, because let's face it, some of the oldgames could sure use a face-lift.
Enter, RetroFX. A couple of guys that decided to thatrefining for you. They've picked a game and they have beenworking hard to get that to you. I mentioned something aboutthis a long while ago, but back then not much was done, anddevelopment has gone slow. As I understand it, you shouldhear from them pretty soon, and a preliminary downloadwill be available. This will include both enhanced graphicsand sound and boy oh boy. From what I've seen, it's goingto be awfully entertaining as well as pleasing to the eye.Expect more news on this on the coming weeks.
Now, on to more serious matters as I'm very glad toreport about this. We all know the deal with the greatHot Rod Joystick getting legal Capcom ROMs packed intothe deal (another good reason for the price, where elsecan you get official arcade versions of Capcom gamesfor $200?). Now this may be just speculation but itmay be more than that, it actually makes some sense.Could it be that Capcom has finally opened its eyes andsaw the market potential for Arcade Emulation? If thatis the case, should we expect to see little Capcom boxeswith some kind of emulator included at EB and othergame stores? I certainly think so, as that is what wehave been hoping for a long while. It would actually meanthe legalization of emulation.
With that in mind, knowing that MAME, Arcade at Homeand Capcom are working together with Hanaho, I would guessthat Capcom has a very good resource for getting some newemployees; employees being the MAME developers. Now, if youput 2 and 2 together, meaning the brains of MAME togetherwith the resources Capcom has, which is to say detailedschematics of every Arcade game they have ever designed,this could mean a whole slew of new games being emulatedpretty soon. Of course we might have to pay for them, butdon't you buy good games every now and then? I'm suremany of you would be glad to have your very own Arcadegame in their basement, garage, or even bedroom. Well thisis probably as close as most of us can get since we havespace limitations, and it is way cheaper too! If thishappens, you can also forget about CPS2 problems and thesuch.
Well unfortunately I dont have much else to tell you.Other than that DynaRec Williams emu seems to be pretty much haltedfor the time being, although another one from a differentauthor might be on the horizon. Larry seems to be on theverge of another release as he has been making releasesto HiVE quite frequently. We just had Raine and I feel itis about time we get another MAME, dont you think? Maybeby the end of the week? Oh yes and there should be anew StellaX by the weekend, and as usual there are alwayssome surprise releases every now and then, so expect a fewof those. Well, that is it for the Qman and this edition of the Rumor Mill. Thanks for reading!

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