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Week In ReView - June 14,1999 by JoseQ
Well, it definitely seems as each week's list of articles is longerthan the previous one. At least I had help from Maddogand SAV2880 whom contributed one article each, but boy, oh boy was it a cool week! And what an ending I might add. This has to be one of the most release filled Sundays inemulation history! So just let's get started with whattranscurred in the last seven days.
It all started with oh, one little Raine 0.22 Release. This smallthing, had just nine new publically added games. Butthat was enough to have my server at full blast for twoconsecutive days. Some of these games were massive in size,and inmense fun I might add including the much awaitedChase H.Q.! Raine captured the spotlight once again atthe end of the week, but we will get to that later.
On monday, we got news regarding the Hot Rod Ordering System beingonline. And also in that news report, my great experiences while testing the Hot Rod against emulatorslike S16 and M72.
But the week was not to get a good start from Raineas two of our favorite dumpers left the scene. First Apollo69 resigns leaving theNeo Geo emulation community bummed out. As if that werenot enough, NAZ stops hisNeo Geo ROM dumping as well. In a message on the EV Board, NAZ! gives a good and longexplanation of his decision and answering the most commonquestions many people asked him.
The CEO of Hot Rod, Richard Ragon, made a guest appereance on the e-mail warsanswering many questions about the product and how it gotstarted.
Early in the week, there were reports about NeoRageX deliveredby the guys at the PC Arcade. Obviously they became truewhen earlier today, we were honored with a new NeoRage release.
Another of EmuViews deliverables came to realityearly in the week, when I was home sick, and got to codea little. So the screenshot featurefell into place. By now you have noticed that 99% of thegames have the little screenshot pic on their side, and manyof them, specially new ones, have more than one screenshottaken. I've monitored and found out it has been used extensively. I never thought it was needed like that, andthanks to ArcadEmu I got most of the pics online!
A good thing happening these days is the MAME Decathlon in which tengames are picked, and people send in their scores.Top scorers get to appear in a world records book that ispublished yearly. The voting has been opened for nextyear's decathlon.
Retrogames spent a night down due tosome server problems, but was gladly back to work aftermuch work by it's system administrator.
A mistake by your webmaster, and the Pacifist pagewebmaster made EmuViews report about a new Pacifist. Well the versionis exactly one year old, but as it turns out, they hadput 1999 on their page when they updated it, so I reallythought it was new. And yes, you're right, I'm not verymuch up to date with Atari ST emulators. I never saw onewhen they were kinda popular I guess.
The Rumor ReView aired on Tuesdaymentioning a couple of thing, and the usual confirmation/pending[ation] deal.
Maddog made an awesome contribution by writing theDo It Yourself Guide to ReViewing for EmuViews which turned out with 3 new ReViewers thusfar, and a lot more action going at the ReViews page where116 ReViews exist up until today.
On June 8th, PSEmu was declared dead, undead, and then dead again due to the leakingof one of its latest betas, and the things that the leakruined. As a result, SAV2880 wrote a very good editorial which Icompletely agree with, and everyone should read. And thathad the effect on one of the sites that leaked the beta,making the author apologize and closehis site. This at least shows some maturity in theiractions.
Zoop released two versions of Soccer on his SMS Power site while a new bleem! beta was being released. That beta turned into final later in the week.
I got such a good response from Maddog's article thatI decided to post about it onthe main page and encourage the readers to visitthe ReView page and get a taste from the new authorswriting those good opinions on the games out there today.
The Rumor Mill made itsscheduled appearance (albeit almost). It mentionedsome rumors from Shark, RetroFX, Hot Rod and some Capcom/MAME hypothesis going on the back of the Q's mind.
As mentioned during the week, a new StellaX appeared withinus on Friday. We were also delighted with a Retrocade update which includedsound for a game that was dearly missing it.
Many console releases on Friday. Those included Hu-Go 0.95 and Z26 1.31 to complement the earliermentioned StellaX.
I had to be away the whole day on Saturday, so I postedan early message about the Hot Rodcontest just telling people that the details werecoming soon. Then illness stroke.
I managed to post about Dave from DTMNT having beeninterviewed by Fixo in anothere-mail war which reveals more details about upcomingversions of DGEN.
However, Sunday came like a storm. I got the Hot Rod F.A.Q. up, and MAME0.35 RC1 was released just as I was getting done writingit.
So , kind of expectedly, MAME 0.35RC1 came out earlytoday with believe it or not 18 new games and 19 clones.As if that was enough to last the whole day, we did getthat NeoRageX later, and a much bigger surprise camein the form of Raine 0.23 withno new games, but support for many new things like 4 playergames via Sidewinders. Also, the readme file mysteriouslymentions that no games have been "publically" added sincethe previous release.
I also posted the details on how to how to win your own Hot Rod Joystick which turned out to be a simple sweepstakesgiveaway, so just enter to win!
Last but not least, Emulation Experience made itback onto the scene, after what seemed a brief hiatusin service. I was very glad to announce that the siteis back on its feet, and ready for some more action!
Well, that certainly was enough for a week don't youthink? I believe that's kind of the EmuViews update recordfor a week with 32 news items in there and as usual, expectmore and more next week, although with this kind ofSunday, not much may be left for it to happen. I betyou'll be surprised very soon!

One Article Up: SMS Power Release!
One Article Down: EmuExpo is back!

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