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Anticupid's Rumor ReView - June 15,1999 by anticupid
Starting this week, a new regular staff member will bewriting the Rumor ReView (with help from me and my littlerumor helper friends of course). That way, I can focus onmore little aspects of the site, and the Rumor Reviewis more likely to get here on schedule, so everyone ishappy right? So from next week on forward, I will onlybe editor of the Rumor ReView. I leave you to anticupid.
Lots of stuff happened this last week so the old rumor bin got prettycleaned out again, but to quickly review last weeks pending rumors:
As was mentioned by the QMan himself in last weeks rumor review Hydra andPitfigther are as good as confirmed for MAME so wewill set that rumor aside unless something new comes up it to change things.
Well on the topic of MAME, we finally saw .35RC1 released adding a bunch ofgames that we confirmed last week for being in .36B1,but I am sure no one is going to complain about these games showing up a little early.
The only rumor that was really left open on last week's review was that anew version of HIVE would soon land on our desktops. When JoseQ firstmentioned this rumor almost two weeks ago he thought a release would happenany day but for some reason it got delayed. Hopefully a release will happenthis week so we can close this pending rumor.
Speculation last week was that the world would be overrun by Demon's Worldwhen that game got added to two emulators but nothing further materialized.We will have to tell the military to keep their pending status on this on incase the invasion happens this week. We've heard since that the biggestemulator had help from a certain dangerous sea animal to get it to work. Get it?
Sadly the dynamic recompiling Williams emulator appears to be cancelled. Iguess the kobat on coding this emulator was too much for the author to take.Hopefully someone will find time sometime soon to get this games the speedupneeded to see them emulated fully.
There was also some speculation that Capcom working with some MAME devs fora commercial release of CPS2 games. It sounds like this rumor is still inthe incubator and will be pending for quite some time to come.
Not to be forgotten there was RetroFX mentioned in last weeks Rumor Mill. Norelease happened this week but from reading the mill it sounded a lot like apress release so this rumor is as good as confirmed in by books.
Time for me to take my bow for this week, with a tip of the hat towards QManwith a gentle nudge to remind him he forgot about the Shark rumor in lastweeks Mill and a wink hoping he can dig up some more information about thegames rumored to be hidden in the newer releases of RAINE.

One Article Up: DGen does ZIPs!
One Article Down: Virtual-E 1.0

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