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The Rumor Mill - June 17,1999 by JoseQ
Kind of a slow week just after that glorious Sundaydon't you think? Well, not to be outdone by the greatnews about DIVX being dead which I obviously mentionedat DVDViews, I've get a hot Rumor Mill for you this week.Maybe not a lot of content, but the content that I haveis due to impress you. So let's cut the chase and get rightto it.
Those of you who have set your computer calendar aheadby months and years at a time, in hopes of getting a holdof those games that were not-publically added, you mayset your clocks back. The clue on the Raine page couldnot be more clear, however, getting those new games, doesnot involve working your computer time, or anything similar.My birds have gone out and they have tried hard to geta hold of those new games, and the only thing they havebeen allowed to tell me, is that the secret games awaitwithin the innards of the emulator. They have also foundout that the number of extra games is two, and that thereis also another interesting feature that is not mentionedin the documentation. It does nothing in particular inregards to the games, but it is curious, to say the least.I will leave it at that, I'll try to find out more aboutit and possibly tell you how you can work it out.
In more amazing news, it seems that the Williams TMS34010 emulator, the one involving dynamic recompilation,has not been cancelled at all. Quickly after my colleagueanticupid posted the Rumor ReView yesterday, one of myagents quickly got back to me with information regardingthat emulator. Not only that, but a captured old beta madeit into our local testing labs. Amazed I was, to say the least, when I saw the thing work its magic a lot fasterthan how its non-dyna-rec counterpart MAME does it onmy machine. Not only that, but it achieved that amazingresult on my wife's machine, which is less than half thespeed of mine. Needless to say, after I picked up my jaw,I knew I had to say something about it and inform you thatmy Pentium Pro 200 achieved 85 FPS in the Smash TV demowhile many baddies were splashed on the screen. This ofcourse was an early version and it didn't cover all theaspects of emulation, and it may possibly be slower whenand if it is finished. Agents report that new motivationhas been seen in the author's eyes, but that his busyschedule is the main cause for the emulator's nearcancellation status.
Many of you may be saying: "Hey, 18 new games in MAME 0.35 RC 1, but no Pit Fighter or Hydra!", so I can possiblyenlighten your troubled thoughts. Expect those drivers, notto show up until a final 0.35 build has been released. Manyof the driver authors, like to wait for a stable build,before incorporating their drivers in, so that they knowthat they can work with up-to-date code. So not only shouldyou expect to see those two games once the next releasecycle begins, but games like "Raiden", "Time Soldiers" andthe likes, should be appearing by then as well. And whosays that there are no good games left to be emulated?
Well, this time I have no update from the HiVEspecial agents; however, my deep sea informant has told methat Shark might have a release soon. The author is waitingto work out compatibility with the awesome Hot Rod Joystick, before delivering the nextbuild.
I have also heard rumors down from my Atari CovertOperations Team, that a new version of v7800 is planningan approach to the scene soon. This new version shall playa couple of new games that will see the light of day here.Expect to see your favorite plumber supported in two different games by the time the new release appears.
Well, I will leave the Rumor investigation until nextweek, so sit tight and stay tuned for more emulator releasescoming this week. Remember, whenever there is a slow period,a slew of releases follows, and/or viceversa. Enjoy!

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