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Week In ReView - June 21,1999 by JoseQ
It is time once again to ReView what has happenedin the last seven days of news.Clicking on the past link will take you to the list ofarticles on all the interesting stuff that happened. Nothingreally big happened, but the week had definitely somehigh points including many console emulator releases, and newgames appearing in Raine! So let's get to it.
We had three SMS Power releases during the past sevendays. The games released this week are "Double Hawk", "Super Kick-Off" and "Ms. Pac-man", all for theSega Master System emulators out there. Zoop even mentionedreleasing games on a daily basis from now on, so get readyfor some SMS action during this coming week.
A small News Update wasposted to cover topics like the Jagulator and Nemu64progress. Also a mention about the Screenshot featurebeing added to the ROMs Page (non-lite version). I alsoworked on it a little later during the week to add moreinformation about each ROM on the screenshot page. Keepan eye on that as even more information is going to be there.
Larry Bank of HiVE fame updated his Code Corner withan article on how to add Save States to emulators. Alsokeep your eyes peeled for more tech articles to appearsoon on EmuViews.
A News update at the Snes9X pageresulted in two releases of the Windows port during theweek. Build 38 added optimizationsto Kreed's interpolation Engine while Build 39 added Zip file support.
A new version of Virtual-E gotreleased during the week after a two month hiatus. Thisemulator has been shaping up to work quite nicely. Wortha look.
The first Rumor ReViewposted by anticupid. He will be the official Rumor ReViewerfrom now on, taking some work off my back so that I canwork on things like the Screenshot feature and moreRumors.
Version 1.12 of DGen was released also adding ZIP file support to this Sega Genesis emulator.There was also a 10-15% graphics speedup included inthis release.
Jeff Miller was interviewedin another edition of the e-mail wars from EmulatorsUnlimited.
The Rumor Mill made its scheduledappearance with information on the Dynamic Recompilationenabled emulator for the Williams games as well as someother details on the hidden Raine games, which were revealed later in the weekjust after a a new game for Raine was announced.
A working Neo Geo CD Emulator got released during the week. Some peopletested it succesfully. However it still lacks a few thingsand features like FM sound are not even planned to beemulated.
In another Snes9X.Com update, Jerremy Koot offeredto host sub-domains to the Snes9x.Comdomain for free in exchange for banners and giving theopportunity for emulation related sites to exist.
I just had to mention something about the Neo Geo CountryIncident in which RS, took offensive action againstmy friend Guru-Choc of Arcade ROM Heaven.
A new question @ The Views offerednothing short of dissapointing results when the answerto when should ROMs be dumped was answered mostly bypeople who felt they should be dumped/emulated as soonas possible. This dissapointed me since it is definitelythe kind of thing that could indeed hurt videogamingand emulation. If arcade games get dumped/emulated quickly,it would most likely hurt their profits, and in the worstcase, drive a company out of business, thus less games outthere, and having as an effect, less games to be dumped/emulated. I can see now that many don't agree withthat point of View, but I guess that's just my opinion.
A couple of good emulator releases did brighten upthe end of the week. Neo RageX 0.6B wasreleased and later that day, v7800 0.12 came out withsupport for some more games which I gladly made availablefor download.
I posted a small news bits on getting your own Neo-Geo CDconsole for your home. It seems SNK is offering thatsystem for a limited time at a very attractive price.Just $199.99 with two controllers and one free game. Theseare brand new systems as well.
Last update of the week was another console release.RockNES 0.91 came out earliertoday with a lot of improvements over the last version.
So all in all this was a pretty good week, with lotsof releases. The big guys like MAME, Retrocade, Raine didn'tshow up but we did get a lot of console gaming done I bet.Raine disclosed the secret about the hidden games, so thatworked out just like getting a new release with two moregames, didn't it? This week should see some more actionwith hopefully a MAME32 update, and maybe a MAME 0.35 final? There are many games lining up for the MAME 0.36b1release, and I'm already looking forward to that. Enjoythe week!

One Article Up: News-U-Lator signs off
One Article Down: RockNES 0.91!

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