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The Rumor ReView - June 22,1999 by anticupid
NOTE:anticupid is anindependent contributor to EmuViews.
Time again to run those rumors back through the mill and see what wasconfirmed in this past week which bared lots of fruit. Many of the pastRumors have now been confirmed, so take a look as we discuss even moreRumors than you might have thought were available.
Last weeks Rumor Review started with a confirmation that Hydra andPitfigther are coming to Mame sometime soon. Well it seems they are not theonly Atari games being added to Mame in the near future as the evilSlapstic, much like the evil Empire in Star Wars, has been fully defeatedfinally making Empire Strikes Back playable. So that is one really old rumorfinal confirmed and off the list.
Also in last weeks rumor review there was speculation that a HIVE wouldswarm us sometime soon, however it still didn't happen. Qman's birds areusually highly reliable, and newly received information points to a furtherindefinite delay in HiVE development, so that will label this rumor ason-hold.
Another invasion that was mentioned last week was Demon's World would becoming soon to an emulator near you. This week it was indeed confirmed thatDemon's World will be coming to Mame.
It seems I was a little hasty last week to mark the Williams dynamicrecompiling emulator as having been cancelled since no soon that I hadwritten those very words last week than JoseQ had a bird telling him this isstill pending but will be doing amazing things once it gets finished.
One of the hottest rumors in last weeks mill, at least for big Raine fanslike myself, was that there were two games hidden in the new Raine. I spenta lot of time trying to find how to activate those extra_games but before Icould, JoseQ confirmed his own rumor. Thus, Raine ended upwith a couple new tweaks and got some more games working right on mycomputer and kept me playing games until late in the night.
While the rumor birds were on their travels last week they heard from aShark that says it should be surfacing soon. No one managed to lay sight tothis Shark this week so this rumor is sadly still pending.
And not to be over looked was the rumor last week of the forthcoming releaseof v7800 which happened this past weekend, adding support for Donkey Kong,Donkey Kong Jr, and Hat Trick. That makes the last confirmed rumor of theweek.
Now that we have cleared out a lot of rumors we have made plenty of room forsome new ones. Hopefully the rumor birds will have had a productive week,even if they come back empty it still looks like we are going to have a busyweek ahead...

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