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Pac-Man Fever InterView! - June 24,1999 by JoseQ
If you've heard any Arcade Classic Video Game related sound track, most likely you've heard "Pac-Man Fever". Author of one of the most popular Video Game songs inhistory, Jerry Buckner, of Buckner & Garcia has taken the time to answer a few questionsfor us in regards to the song, and emulation. Find out what may be coming soon from these cool guys, and how you couldeven end up writing a song just like them. Enjoy anInterView with Jerry Buckner:

1. Can you introduce yourselves, and mention how you gotfirst related to Arcade Gaming?

Hi I am Jerry Buckner..the one who wore the goofy outfit on SolidGold in 1982.Gary and I got into video games much like everyone else. First Pongand then Pac Man in the fall of 1981. We became hooked like everybody else.

2. How did you come up with the idea for Pac-Man Fever?

We had tossed around the idea of doing a song for a while. One daywhile working on a jingle we came up with the title and wrote the song inabout an hour.

3. How was the response to the music by that time in youropinion?

If you asking, was the album well received? Yes very much so by thepublic but it almost didn't get released. Every major record companyturned it down. Weput it out ourselves and within a week the response was sooverwelming thatCBS Records bought the master and released it nationally.

4. When did you start producing and shipping the CD version?

It has been a long time in coming. Actually we have been talkingabout doing itfor over 2 years. But the actual time spent on recording was about 3months.The manufacturing and shipping part was another 3 months.

5. How did you learn about emulation and how do you like it?

I really don't know a great deal about it. But I know people love theold gamesand the interest in it continues to grow. (I hope that's not too dumban answer)

6. Do you feel it has placed you guys in the spotlight onceagain?

Yes, certainly with the people who grew up in the early 80's. It's anice feeling to know that people still like the album. We wanted to record analbum with great songs not just a bunch of sound effects over a instrumental bed. Itwas a fun time and I think we captured that in the music.

7. Has there been any interest in producing perhaps a newCD with music related to other Arcade classics?

That idea has certainly come up but we're going to wait and see howthis CD isreceived first. If it makes sense then yes we'll do another.

8. Any information about that Song Writing contest you canpublish now?

It's just one of many ideas we've been kicking around. I think itcould be a lot offun.

9. Any last words for the public?

I'm not sure I like how that sounds!...But in parting I would sayI've had a lot offun doing this album. I appreciate everyone who bought the firstalbum andthe new CD. Thanks,

Jerry Buckner

There you go. Do you think you have what it takes towrite a Pac-Man Fever like song? If you want to get yourown copy of the CD, just stop by Buckner & Garcia and order one. I will be doing a ReView on itas soon as I receive my copy. Keep the fever going!

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