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My build: SBMAMEs - June 25,1999 by JoseQ
You may probably categorize this as a rant, but Icertainly need to do some marketing of my Stop-Building-MAMEs build. I just feel this thing has certainly gotten out of hand. I believe that there are way too many versions ofMAME floating around and I would like to request somethingfrom those of you who build/use them. Stop! Just think aboutit for a minute. How can the public test and report ona Release Candidate version of MAME if there are a dozenof them floating around? How can problems be attributed toMAME if you're building/using not the official build, butsomething else? Please consider that you are being giventhe chance to play with the source that geniuses havecreated for your enjoyment.
If what you honestly feel is that you want to contributeto the scene via changing MAME, then all you need to do issubmit your source changes to the MAMEDEV team. Everybodyknows at least one MAMEDEV member, or if you don't, useyour webmasters as a liaison. Most of us are onthe MAMEDEV team. We can get source there like the "StreetFighter" driver which I submitted for Olivier way back whenhe was not a MAMEDEV team member. Your contributions willbe examined and approved if they are good. There arealways good reasons behind any decision the team makes.
Now you may be asking where do I put "Metal Slug X" andthe rest of the 'Missing from the binary' gang. Well theyare probably located right on your nearest arcade. If youwant to play it, you can visit your arcade, or get thesource and compile it in. There is already a switch thatwill enable those games. That compilation switch also states that you will not re-distribute the binary thatwill come out of that build process. Then I ask myselfwhy are we seeing those builds being distributed inpopular websites around here? Beats me, but as easy as theyhave lost respect for MAME, I have lost respect for them.
There are always alternatives of course. How would youfeel if out of disgust Nicola stops distributing MAME?Well that's a bit extreme, but something that we've allbeen through before, how would it feel if we only hadfinal versions of MAME to distribute? Need I remind you thatthe latest final version of MAME dates back to December31st? Not so long ago, betas were private matter. And withso many extra builds, the reasons to make beta releasesexist publically completely cease to exist as there is notesting done on the actual MAME releases, but on X, Y orZMAME. Personally I think this stinks. If I were to distribute my own vesion of MAME, at least I would try toget Nicola to say "look, we can't include this in our build,but you can go ahead and distribute with X or Y warning".Similar case happened with the Pentium Optimized MAME whichcan't be incorporated into the official build forcompatibility reasons.
I guess I just needed to get this off my chest, and Iwould just like to ask you to re-consider, and think aboutwhat is really happening. Think about the outcome ofthose actions before doing them, and if you do changes andwant to keep them from the MAMEDEV team, try to keep themto yourself as well and not publically distribute. Ifyou want to contribute to the MAME team, just drop me a note andI'll hook you up (please be specific and what you haveto contribute). In the meantime, play MAME and play it good,it is perfectly fine for me the way it is officiallydistributed, why shouldn't it be for you?

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