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Week In ReView - June 28,1999 by JoseQ
Well, it is late Sunday, and it is time once again totalk about what transcurred over the past week. This past seven days have consisted of mostly console releases, and of course anew MAME. It also signed the comeback of the InterViews@ EmuViews as well as some of the usual stuff like the Rumor Mill. I even took a shot at writing an editorial aboutthe many different MAMEs that breathe around us. So let'ssee what really happened...
The week started rather oddly with a not very elegantgood-bye message by Cleric of News-U-Lator. In his Sign-off message he had decidedthat the site would cease to exist. However, since then, Cleric has changed his mind, and his site is taking newlife, even with a new Interview posted today. It seemsthat it is getting up to speed and up to its quality sitestatus once again. Kudos to Cleric for coming back!
Some of the early signs of MAME in the week were mostlyrelated to Empire Strikes Back as much work had goneinto the dreaded Slapstic chip. The game was undergoing fixes and achieving playable status quite fast. That gamehas a certainly big following I must say.
Nemu64 Progress was going alongnicely with many pics being posted to the main page. Thisemulator is certainly getting to take great shape, andeveryone is eagerly awaiting a release. More updates tothe page have happened since then as well.
A Miscellaneous News postingtouched a couple of different topics like MAME32 policies,NeoRageX updates, and the enf of FreeROMs.Com CD selling.
The first of three Snes9x updates informed us of 3dfx and other developments goingon. The second one was something that Snes9x always wantedto do at their site, and that was hosting free ROMs on their site.And the last one which actually happened earlier today, wasthe source release for the latestSnes9x Windows build.
Also related to the SNES console and also with threearticles, SNEeSe had one release onTuesday, and another oneon thursday, just before I posted the InterView with the author, CharlesBilyue'.
Perhaps the most frequent news item ever on a Week InReView was marked by SMS Power with, count them, six releases over the week.In chronological release order, the games were: World Games, Slider, Spy vs. Spy, The Flash, Running Battle, and Double Target. Zoop hasbeen doing a consistently great job at releasinggames over there.
anticupid's Rumor ReView wasposted on schedule on Tuesday, and of course followedthe next day by The Rumor Millwhich was actually posted past midnight because of theMAME release on Wednesday night. More on that in a sec.
Thierry Lescor was kind enough to provide me with theSystem16 Source ready to compile.Since Neill Corlett's Starscream engine was not public untillast week, the System16 code, previously available, waspretty much useless unless you had access to Neill's code.Since Starscream went public, the System16 code wasmade available again, this time with Starscream included.
Then wednesday afternoon arrived, and MAME 0.35 RC2 surfaced witha couple of new games and clones supported. However, acouple of postings on other websites triggered me towrite an editorial about Stopping to build extra MAMEs.I really got tired of the many versions of MAME surfacingaround which I feel ruin the purpose of a Release Candidate,which is to test for bugs so that we can have a clean,fixed, final release. Of course, I can't be expected tochange the world, but I just thought I could contributewith my two cents.
Some news from Virtual-E, a Virtual Boy emulator, consisted of a new documentthat contains the rest of the clues you may need to writeyour own VB game. With it, those guys actually releasedtheir own game, which mimics the classic game of pong.
I got the honor to InterView Jerry Buckner of Buckner & Garcia, the guys behind thatsticky tune known as "Pac-Man fever". In this InterViewyou can learn how it got started, and what may be comingup in the future from those guys. Yes, they are stillhooked on arcades!
More console emulation news came in the form of an update to Hu-Go, the TG16/PCEemulator. This update brought with it the usual fixes andimprovements that we all enjoy when downloading them.
The RockNES page got updated withsome news about their updated mappers. However, no releasehappened during this past week. Maybe next week?
I decided to plug a couple of sites yesterday as theyseemed very dedicated and useful to many. The first onewas The MAME testing project whichis a team of guys who adopts games for testing with eachMAME build, and report pretty much directly to the MAMEteam. The second one was not as much emulation related, butit brought many video game memories back to me. The articlewas about Jag's Video Game Zone, a site that focuses on SMS and NES gaming.
MAME32 may have skipped a beat, but it got toMAME 0.35 RC2 status yesterdayas promised on their Home Page. As of now, all the officialbuilds are up to date.
I got the pleasant news late last night about a newemulator in the works. The emulator, works as a Fairchild Channel F console whichdates back to 1976. This was probably one of the firstconsoles available for the home, and obviously waspretty primitive using only 4 colors for background and 4for the foreground. Interesting huh? It should be showingup in our screens pretty soon.
The last release of the week, also came in the formof another console emulator. Meka made it back, although onlyfor registered users. It brought a nice array of fixes andimprovements that unregistered users can only wish forduring the next few days until it is publically available.
Well that was that, and it certainly seems as it weekpacks more and more news. Everytime it takes longer towrite these articles. Maybe I should do the Half-Week In ReView. I hope people do read this. Well, I hope you enjoyedthe past week, and keep your pants on cause some news I'vebeen getting will surely add-up for a good Rumor Mill. Have a good one!

One Article Up: Today @ SMS Power
One Article Down: Meka 0.20 for Registered Users

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